Things You Didn’t Know About ACNE

Things You Didn’t Know About ACNE

Acne Facts

Acne is a common skin condition that affects everyone from teenagers to adults. even though a lot of people deal with pimples from time to time many are clueless when it comes to the facts about those pesky little zits.

 Here 10 things you never knew about acne

Washing Your Face Won’t Help

Young and beautiful woman washing her face

 When you experience an acne breakout it’s normal to want to scrub away the imperfections.

 Washing your face really won’t help you much excessively scrubbing and washing can actually disturb the area and can create more zits irritation, scarring and inflammation.

 Instead of scrubbing your skin until it turns red a little bit of gentle washing twice a day over the problem area is less damaging

Chocolate And Pizza aren’t the Culprits

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There’s a myth that claims sugar, greasy foods and dairy products are the culprits behind acne breakouts, but that’s just simply not the case.

 There isn’t any real correlation between the food you eat and the pimples on your skin so stuffing your face with chocolate and greasy pizza won’t causes it to form but it can worsen a pre-existing acne breakout.

Blame Your Clothes

At the point when a skin break out breakout happens on a piece of the body other than the face like your back, chest and butt it can typically be accused on your garments.

The rubbing of bra straps and wearing tight clothes can cause friction acne if you’d like to lounge around in sweaty gym clothes just know that an acne breakout is bound to happen.

When sweat gets trapped between your workout clothes and your skin it can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria which can produce acne in the worst places

So Many Pimples

you may think every zit on your body is the same but I couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact there are six different types of acne in total. There are blackheads and whiteheads that are caused by the build-up of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Papules and Pustules which are formed when blocked pores become irritated and then there are Nodules and Cysts which are very large painful and Pus- Filled pimples that should be treated by a dermatologist.

The Only Way to Get a Zit

Forget all the myths out there about the various ways to get a zit because there’s only one that a pimple is formed.

When your body’s glands over produce oil, they combine with your dead skin cells. this creates a plug that blocks the pores and the hair follicles bacteria begins to grow in the clogged pores which causes a breakout.

This is the reason dermatologists suggest peeling the skin with a purging brush or common globules, in the event that you as of now have slick skin delicately cleaning endlessly dead skin cells can help crack down on acne breakouts.

Acne Free Population

A group of Kitavan islanders in papua new guinea have never experienced acne in their entire lives.

 A doctor traveled the island in 1990 to analyze the health of the Islanders, he chose twelve hundred subjects between the ages of 15 and 25 years old and was surprised to discover there weren’t any pimples nor skin disorders in sight.

 Kitava is now simply known as clear skin paradise

The Sun is your Friends and Enemy

UV rays can be antibacterial and spending a small amount of time in the Sun is said to be beneficial to treating acne.

However too much sun exposure can cause more breakouts and increased Hyper-pigmentation. Spending more than twenty minutes in the Sun can darken your pre-existing acne scars. if you’re prone to peeling and burning, the dead skin cells can clog your pores even further causing more pimples to form.

Blame your pillow

If you wash your pillowcase regularly go ahead and give yourself a high five but if you let more than a few days go by without tossing your pillowcase in the wash, it could be the reason for your skin breakouts.

Your pillowcase is the home to a bunch of dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. changing your pillowcase regularly will get rid of all the harmful bacteria that’s just waiting to cause an annoying breakout on your skin.

It’s More Damaging than you Think

Of course acne is a pain to deal with but the effects of the skin disorder run deep extreme acne has been directly related to low self-esteem and a decrease in confidence. adult acne seems to be more psychologically harmful as people get older acne causes additional stress because they feel they should have already outgrown the skin condition.

In a survey 50% of participants said they would much rather have wrinkles and to deal with adult acne.

Some People Love Acne

For everyone who hates life as soon as they see zit pop on their face, there’s a group of people who actually love pimples they’re called Acnephiliacs, and it’s a Fetish community that gets aroused by popping their partners Zits or watching videos of strangers popping their pimples. many Acnephiliacs even upload videos of their zip popping adventures to YouTube to share with the world. pretty gross. Right?

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