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10 Things That Destroy A First Impression

Small mistakes can make or break a first impression. people make up their minds very quickly. and once their minds are made up once you’ve made a bad impression it’s difficult to undo the damage you’ve done.
Luckily you can learn how to make a better first impression. but first, you have to figure out what you’re doing wrong. so let’s talk about ten common mistakes that are ruining your first impressions right off the bat

10 Things That Destroy A First Impression
A First Impression

Things That Destroy A First Impression is

You Show Up Late

Have you ever waited around wondering if someone is gonna show up or are you the one who often shows up late?
Tardiness will instantly ruin any first impression by showing up late. or sending the other person a message that message says my time is worth more than yours
Not only is that disrespectful it can also be incredibly frustrating to avoid being late it’s better to start your journey early.

You Forget Their Name

Have you ever forgotten someone’s name? this bad habit destroys any first impression. they may have just introduced themselves, you may have heard their name ten seconds ago but somehow their names slipped in one year and out the other.
Here’s a trick to make sure this never happens to you when someone introduces themselves. say their name write back to them. when they say hi I’m Jamie you respond hi Jamie it’s nice to meet you.
By repeating their name out loud you’re not only improving your memory. you’re showing this person that you’re both present and attentive.

You Use Filler Words

First impressions can be nerve-racking. you want someone to like you. but all that pressure can take its toll do you often use filler words like um and like how often do you rely on these words to fill the pause in your sentences.
Using too many filler words can destroy a first impression. immediately so instead of stumbling through your sentences slow down, think about what you want to say and remember there’s nothing wrong with taking yard time.

You Interrupt People Repeatedly

Are you mindful of when and how you speak. do you interrupt people frequently interrupting someone can shatter our first impression, it’s important to give others time and space to express their ideas.
When you talk over someone you’re conveying that your words are more important than theirs.

You Avoid Eye Contact

How often do you make eye contact. eye contact is one of the most important pieces of body language. especially when making a first impression it shows someone that you’re confident attentive and interested.
Eye contact forges stronger bonds and allows people to connect on a deeper level if you spend the whole conversation staring at the floor you may want to change your body language a lack of eye contact could be ruining your first impressions.

You Only Talk About Yourself

You spend too much time talking about yourself. many people do this. without even realizing it you may steer the entire conversation towards your life.
The conversations are a two-way street if you’re always focused on yourself it isn’t fun or fair to the other person. it’s okay to talk about yourself sometimes but every conversation should go both ways

You Answer Your Phone During a Conversation

When you get a text message in the middle of a conversation with someone. you respond to it right away or later calling and texting in the middle of a conversation tells people that they don’t have your full attention and that can ruin any first impression.

You Complain Too Much

When you meet someone for the first time complaining too much can be a deal-breaker. let’s say you keep complaining about an ex to someone during your first date. they might think that sooner or later you’re going to complain about them too.
On the flip side when you change your perspective. and few bad situations as learning opportunities we’ll see you as both mature and constructive.

You Tell Long Stories

Long-winded stories can sink any first impression if you ramble on for twenty minutes people are going to lose interest. they’re going to wonder why you’re talking so much about yourself.
Keep your stories brief and punchy. that way you can get your point across without boring the other person.

You Don’t Ask Questions

Those bragging helped or hurt your first impression. you don’t make a positive impression by explaining why you’re great. you make a positive impression by forming a connection with someone
Make an effort to learn about them they can interest in their job their passions and their dreams. if you want to make a great first impression ask plenty of questions
Have you ever made a really bad first impression do you make?

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

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