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10 Way To Measure Progress

list of 10 ways to Measure progress as under

It’s important to know that what you’re doing is making an impact. or going somewhere most of us have a built-in ability to measure progress. but whether we are measuring progress effectively is another story. we decided to look into 10 ways to measure progress.

Measure Progress
Measure Progress

Set a Clear Target

For Measure Progress Must Set a Clear Target

Before you can track. where you’re going you’re going to need a target because you won’t get anywhere without a road map.
Try to make it specific not something vague. that’s hard to know when you’ve achieved it perhaps you’re after a certain sales turnover or going down a few pant sizes. maybe you need to boost productivity and reduce your input.

Keep a Record So You Can Track the Facts

For Measure Progress Keep a Record So You Can Track the Facts

It can be tempting to focus on your failures or maybe inflate a success to a little more. than it rather had a good handle on the facts so you can use that to track progress Dates. such as figures, bank balances, and income reports can help you with all of this.
This way when you do feel despondent after some negative feedback. you can look at the facts and figures and realize there is plenty you’re getting right.
On the converse, if you find yourself becoming unmotivated and a little lazy. take a peek at where you are and where you’re intended to be by this date adjust your goals and get back to the grindstone.

Use Quantitative

Use Quantitative Measures to Track Progress

Quantitative research is the next step on this journey of measures progress.
Now that you have your target and understand. the importance of tracking the facts it’s time to figure out exactly what to track, what exactly represents progress in your case.
For example,weight loss is your goal then you might think that dropping pounds or kilograms will automatically make you look slimmer but that might not be the case slimming down and losing scale weight can mean completely different things to different people.
First, research the different ways to measure this kind of progress and the most effective one for you.
You might then find that inches lost or muscle gain will be more effective to measure then you can start tracking your progress using this measurement. and you’ll be getting the visible results you are looking for.

Make Sure Your Process Goals Lead to Your Outcome Goals

If you’re in sales you might have set yourself a sales target of how many sales you want to close in a month. or being promoted to a sales manager this is known as an outcome goal.
To achieve outcome goal you’ll need to set up some progress goals. maybe this means making more sales calls in a day or staying half an hour later to keep your daily reports up to date.
You could also look at your outcome goals as your milestones. and your progress goals on what it will take to get you to those milestones as you reach. your progress goals you’ll have a shorter-term goal insight that you can measure your progress too.
They’re like stepping stones across a river name your progress goals by task what’s needed to keep progressing ahead daily. you know we love a good list but then again so do most overachievers.
So list off how to get your outcome goal if you need to send more emails, make more calls or apply for more jobs as a step in the right direction. then list those as your tasks and assign them timelines.
Such as are they daily weekly monthly or do they have an exact deadline. or expiry date then schedule your tasks and enjoy the rush of crossing an item off your list as you hit your progress goals.

Use the Start Finish Method

For Measure Progress Use the Start Finish Method

So you’ve listed off those tasks and are on your way to achieving your progress goals daily but how do you measure how you’re doing as you go through your work.
Believe it or not, top companies can report down to the percentage of what status any project. they’re working on at any given time is at this doesn’t only allow for real-time reporting. but it’s also a great motivator for staff.
You can apply a similar tracking system for your life. the start-finish method gives each task a percentage of progress as it started and then a 100% when it’s completely finished.
For simple tasks apply the 50 – 50 rule this means that half the battle is won when you start the job so you can mark it as 50 when you start. the task something like meal planning healthy lunches can be assigned like this you get 50% off the bat for buying the ingredients you need and another 50% to complete the task when you pack your planned meal.

Measure with Context

To measure progress make sure Measure with Context

Create a measurement that places you on a timeline a way to measure where you have to come from.
Now measure how far you have to go until you achieve your goal.
This is both an encouragement and a motivation for when times are tough or you need a reminder of your goal.
If you aim to be the next biggest streaming service and rival Netflix then you might not want to place yourself in the shadow of your end goal but rather where you have to come from.
Perhaps you’ve self-financed from a garage operation into a startup office space and raised some capital to expand your team to 10 members.
Now that’s some measurable movement along your company’s progress line that should fire you up to get you to the next milestone.
When you’re over the halfway mark it’s easier to focus on the finishing line. and not become unmotivated it’s like when you’re taking a run when you reach the home stretch it starts to feel easier.

Re-measure Often to Recall Yourself of Your Progress.

This is very important To measure progress. Re-measure Often to Recall Yourself of Your Progress.

Make measurement at least a weekly habit that way you know exactly where you are in real-time
to know if you’re reaching goals you don’t only need to set quantitative measures. but also time constraints if you don’t your dream might just fade away into the distant future and never materialize.
The more often you measure yourself the less. you’ll find yourself going off track. for example if you set yourself the outcome goal of increasing sales by 10 and you set yourself the progress goal of making 20 more sales calls a day.
And you track that progress and see no change in your sales then you know that a sales call doesn’t lead to more sales. and you can either change your method of contacting clients or improve your sales pitch.
If you didn’t require weekly reporting you might not pick up on that until you’ve wasted weeks trying the same thing with no results.

Listen to Feedback

Feedback is one of the best tools to measure progress

Your customers, clients, and colleagues are also a great way to measure your progress. sure sometimes their feedback and comments can be hard to hear but it can often lead to some great insights in how you’re doing.
This qualitative feedback is one way to gauge the mood of your staff, your industry or your consumer. it can also offer you new ideas, inspiration, and direction for your next move.
Feedback doesn’t just have to be from your Client’s reviews. it can also come from their sales data what people choose to buy when and how much of it this is the best way to understand your customer’s preferences.
And how you’re meeting them or missing the mark questionnaires mystery shoppers and focus groups will put you in the picture of how you’re doing this allows you to upsell to existing customers or improve your offering to attract new customers.

Discover a Benchmark to Compare Your Progress to

Benchmarking allows you a realistic and real-time picture of what’s possible. and typical in your particular field, this can help you set targets to help you reach the benchmark values. you aspire to achieve.
Once you’ve selected a relevant benchmark. you can compare your market position. and your objectives then you’ll know which comparisons are relevant to your business stage. and which aren’t.
For example, if you’ve just started a Youtube channel it will help to compare yourself against the average performer of a similar channel.

Seek Expert Feedback

A good idea to measure progress is Seek Expert Feedback

Never underestimate the opinion of an expert. consult a business advisor an academic or a mentor. if you need an outsider’s opinion to peruse your facts and figures and give you an honest opinion of your progress.
It might be a hard pill to swallow but for the most part, a trusted source will give you an honest and grounded opinion. that can steer you in the direction of success.

if you try this 10 important points To Measure Progress definitely your dreams come true.

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