Social Media for Small Business
5 Best Ways to Use Social Media for Small Business

Almost all types of small businesses want to get noticed and gain more and more audience for their business. These 7 tips for Social media for small businesses will help you reach more audiences and increase your conversion rates.

Social Media for small businesses can help them take it to a next level. I suggest you check out some Digital Marketing Courses which will give a complete idea about Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Before you begin applying these tips to your business, I suggest that you find a way to measure progress of your business that gives a clear idea of how much your business has grown with the help of these Social Media tips.

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1. Select the right platform:

Social media has different platforms on which you need to market your business. Start with one or two platforms as much as you can manage in the beginning. Find your target audience and the platform they use. Let us look at the type of audience on different platforms –

Instagram –

 It is more of a business-to-customer (B2C) platform where you can sell your products directly to potential customers. Instagram is pretty quick and you’ll surely get more engagement with your audience.

Find and follow Instagramers having a similar niche as yours, this will help you with ideas to post on social media for a small business like yours.

Facebook –

People in the age of or more use Facebook more. So if your audience falls in this age category, then choose Facebook as a Social Media platform for your small business.

Twitter –

People share news and information about their businesses on Twitter. You can also share links to your website and information about the same on Twitter.

LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is used for business-to-business (B2B) purposes, and if your business belongs to this type of category, you should choose LinkedIn.

Pinterest –

Pinterest is a platform with pictures for users, this social media for small business can help when you have visual content in the form of images and posts, go for Pinterest. Businesses like fashion designers, makeup artists should give Pinterest a shot.

2. Set your CTA (call-to-action) :

Call-To-Action buttons are basically links that lead directly to your blogs, websites, or products.

Your Call-To-Action button needs to be clear and highly visible. Your CTA will drive your customers to your web pages and make them buy your product. Your social media for small business will give better results when your CTAs are placed effectively.

If you have it in your bio, make sure you specify what the link refers to. If you have more than one link, try using platforms and websites like Milkshake or linktree. It will help you create a single link that goes to a page that follows other links on your site.

Try to make your CTA effective and stand out.

3. Get to grips with hashtags :

Hashtags are your friend if you want to gain new followers and also convert them into customers. Search for hashtags related to your business on your platforms and use them when writing new posts.

– Try using hashtags that are less commonly used and include them in your posts.

– #Don’t #use #hashtags #like #these.

– The right way to use hashtags  #likethis

4. Use the power of User-Generated Content:

User-Generated Content is a type of content that is created by the user themselves. It makes your audience more interactive and engaging.

Some ideas for User-Generated content are:


Blog posts


Case studies

Ask me anything

Q&A Sessions

5. Encourage engagement :

Talk to your followers, answer their inquiries and respond to them as often as possible. Get them to follow, share, like and comment on your content.

Ask your audience some questions, reviews, ask them to tag their friends, which will increase your audience.

You can also try some funny content that will create engagement.


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