5 Tips to Save Money in Air Ticket Booking
5 Tips to Save Money in Air Ticket Booking

Use these 5 tips to save money in air ticket booking. The fares of airlines are dynamic. So if you keep these 5 things in mind, you will save a lot in booking flight tickets.

The number of people traveling by airplane in the country is increasing rapidly. Traveling by air has now become a necessity for all of us. Due to the poor condition of rail travel in the country, people are giving priority to flights to reach their destination on time.
Air travel has also increased due to the reduction in fares. Last year 10 crore people flew on domestic routes and around 5.5 crore people traveled abroad.

5 Tips to Save Money in Air Ticket Booking
5 Tips to Save Money in Air Ticket Booking Image source

If you are going to travel by air, then you can save a lot by keeping these 5 things in mind while booking tickets.

Ways to Save Money in Air Ticket Booking:

1. When to Book Tickets
The airline companies can’t sell tickets after the flight has taken off. That’s why most airlines want to fill seats as quickly as soon as possible. In view of this, book your flight ticket as soon as possible.

Airlines start selling flight tickets several months in advance. So the sooner you book a ticket, the cheaper it will be for you you will save money on air ticket booking.

2. Separate system for fixing fares
The process of fixing the fares of the airline companies is based on productivity management, which is called Yield Management. The objective of airline companies is to earn maximum revenue on every passenger kilometer (RPKM).
Hotels, a travel company, and Indian Railways also adopt a similar formula. In the year 2016, RPKM had reached close to 4 rupees i.e. one kilometer for 4 rupees.

If you look at the figures, you will find that the passengers are paying almost the same fare as they are paying on the journey by bus or train. Demand for passengers traveling by airlines is increasing compared to bus and train

3. Whether the ticket is refundable or not, the cancellation fee is 2500.
Airlines try to make up for their losses in non-refundable tickets. Seats fill up quickly due to cheap offers, so if someone cancels a ticket, then some money will come into the pocket of the airlines.

So if there is a dilemma in your journey, always buy refundable tickets. Airlines (travel agents) companies give information in advance about whether the ticket is refundable or not. Apart from this, airline companies also tell.

4. Many times, the queue is cheaper in the middle of the ticket, airlines sell many tricks to sell their seats. These airlines offer different fares to customers on the same flight.
Usually, check-in baggage is not allowed in the middle row in economy class. It does not even have food, but these tickets are cheap. If food is not included with the ticket, it is better that you order food on the flight itself. This will also save you a lot.

5. Monitoring Airlines Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) assesses the fares of airlines companies with great seriousness. Whenever prices go up and down, the DGCA checks the airlines’ movements.

Apart from this, the Competition Commission of India (CCI or CCI) also keeps a close watch on the dynamic fair of airlines. Regulators of other airlines of the world also keep an eye on fares here. Indian regulators also keep in touch with the airline regulators of other countries, so that no airline company can be arbitrary.

If the number of people traveling by airplane increases due to any national disaster or other reasons, then airlines are not in a position to start flights suddenly, in such a situation, air ticket fares increase significantly. But, in such a situation, the government tries to make normalcy by helping the airline companies.


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