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7 BEST HEADPHONES in India 2020

Headphones come in all forms and sizes these days. but full size around here or over-ear headphones managed to deliver the most desirable sound.

Back in the day pre Bluetooth, we would have had a collection of wired audiophile headphones on this list. but more people these days approach wireless headphones. and as many folks seem to want noise-canceling.and other high-tech features.
In this article to show you some of the best products that are available on the market with the latest pricing.


Experienced a first-class hearing encounter with grammy-winning studio-quality sound here only.what you need whether you’re listening to a book, catching some sleep on the flight,or accepting an approach the road to note background noise. or control the amount you let it work with adaptable padding earpads a cushioned versatile headband and a 20-hour battery life.
you can listen for hours in convenience and style and a flat foldable design lets you stream listen or make and take calls on the go to eliminate echo and enhance the manner in which you hear yourself during calls and universal one-button remote cable indicates you never need to quit listening and taking calls.


It comes with flexible headband and silky-smooth ear pads ensuring wearing comfort par excellence. Likewise, the ear cushions are known for their breathable and skin cordial velour permitting the listener to enjoy music for hours without any excessive buildup of heat.
Other than the combination of a comfortable headband and ear pads as well as yokes made from aluminum blend the headphones a steady outside and a delicate fit for long listening meetings.
It includes a high comfort and the modular construction permits the substitution of every single workable part including the ear cushions it has been made with strong spring steel that makes these earphones solid and adds to its comfort feature since they accompany padded faux leather.
Moreover, it is designed primarily for studio applications the reduced weight of the diaphragm gives you excellent sound reproduction quality.


With the live 650b TNC wireless over-ear noise canceling headphones of JBL you can have complete control over your audio experience. using the built-in ear cup controls you can turn on active noise-canceling for the isolated pleasure of your favorite music.
Listen as the 40-millimeter drivers present JBL signature sound while distracting ambient noises are barred over your favorite music or podcasts is streamed wirelessly through Bluetooth technology from your mobile devices such as Mobile phone or tablet. when matched with your smartphone you have the added bonus of making hands-free calls using the 650 BTN C’s built-in microphone
The Milton Mike can also provide you access to your mobile devices’ digital assistant software such as Alexa and google assistant. Utilize it to send texts make phone calls and get information all while your smartphone is securely stored in your pocket or purse.
For added comfort the extension of multi-point connection technology allows you to quickly switch between devices with up to 30 hours of battery life the 650 BT NC over-ear headphones can last all day and with a padded fabric headband and soft ear cushions it’s meant to be relaxed while doing.


The stylish momentum 3 noise-canceling wireless over-ear headphones of Sennheiser high light smart technologies that are created to let you experience your audio and peace but quickly communicate with your surroundings when you want
Three methods of noise cancellation work to filter out ambient noise that can be diverting however with straightforward hearing, you can hear while as yet monitoring what’s going on around you with smart pause you don’t have to worry about botching with on-ear controls or your mobile device to stop the song simply take off the momentum 3 remote earphones and the music delays naturally it will even restart when you set them back on.
You can experience your music all day long with up to 17 hours of power and the momentum 3 headphones have been crafted to be protected if you do the ear cuffs and headbands are both cushioned and shrouded in genuine leather.

V – MOTA M 200

It over-ear studio headphones are tuned to present clarity and detail for artists and producers in and out of the studio
The 50-millimeter neodymium dynamic drivers yield a broad frequency response of 5 Hertz to 40 kilohertz while the closed-back design guarantees effective passive noise isolation. Recognition of memory foam earpads sweat-resistant PU leather exterior material and a unique click fold hinge the M – 200 are comfortable sturdy and foldable
The detachable single-sided cable design allows easy swapping between the two included cables one balanced audio cable and one remote mic communication cable or other arbitrary cables. A gold-plated quarter-inch adapter a carry case and a carabiner are also provided with the M – 200 it comes with a single-sided balanced cable for a cleaner more vast sound when listening and producing and the SpeakEasy one-button mic cable for crystal-clear calls when life takes you places.


It referenced class stereo headphones intended to present an authentic audiophile experience with open natural sound. Especially produced acoustic silk was used to give uniform attenuation over the whole area of each ear cup the lightweight aluminum voice coil is guaranteed a remarkable transient response while the full range drivers provide a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 39 points 5 kilohertz.
Great care was taken to assure the headphones are appropriate for their curved plan which rapidly adjusts to the shape of the ear.
The headphones can be used with high yield cell phones and shine with top-notch fixed high five sections, for example, CD, DVD, and CD players, the HD 650 ships with the detachable cord and 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter with sound this great long concerts in the convenience of your home are a certainty so the HD 650 additionally sets norms in extravagance and comfort the HD 650 is a genuine masterpiece that will satisfy even the fussiest listener.

SONY WH- 1000XM3

No matter where you go you can be alone with your music by employing the WH – 1000 XM3 Wireless noise-canceling over-ear headphones of Sony. Noise cancellation is performed with Sony’s dedicated HD noise cancelling qn 1 processor and a sense engine sense engine is created to automatically change the level of ambient sound based on your circumstances.
If quick communication is required the quick attention feature allows you to quickly connect with the outside world by merely covering the right ear cup with your hand, with regards to what you do tune in to the WH – 1000 x m3 can stream your preferred music through Bluetooth the WX – 1000 x m3 headphones also support L DAC and high-resolution audio content.
When utilized with a compatible sound device LD AC transmits nearly 3 times more data up to 990 kilobits a second compared to traditional Bluetooth this is meant to make your high-resolution audio content sound even better when it’s played back through the 1.5 7 inch drivers with LC p diaphragms.

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