Tips to be Fashionable on a Budget
Tips to be Fashionable on a Budget

Know 9 best tips to be fashionable on a budget. Your love for fashion and the latest trends can dig a huge hole in your pocket or wallet. Buying fashion trends with a budget can be a difficult relationship to maintain, right?

Are you also making Fashion Portfolio Mistakes so By reading this blog’s about 9 best tips to be fashionable on a budget you can follow trends, buy items that you like without checking your account again and again.

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Diversify your shopping list-

Try to find the items on your list from different websites to get the best prices for them. Need for this is because different websites have various different prices for similar items. This will help you find the most reasonable price for the listed item.

Do not shop everything from one single website.

Go Thirfting-

Thrift shops are basically places where you can find classic pieces for lower cost. They sell second hand pieces which are perfectly fine or unsold branded item. At these places you can find trendy items as well as classic/statement items within your desired price. Try shopping out at these thrift store but keep in mind that sometimes these items can be defected too.

Shop at thrift store.                                          

Buy during sales and offers-

Shop from end of the season sale, seasonal sales, festive sales, etc to save money on your favorite items. Search for offers like “free shipping” or “free shipping over $50” or discounts to get a nice amount of savings over your listed item. Try to find Coupon Codes which will get you discount by using them on your current purchase or future purchase.

Look for Sales and Offers.

Get evergreen or statement items-

Photo by Olanma Etigwe-uwa from Pexels

Find evergreen items like black blazers, white tees, button downs, white sneakers, basically items that can be styled with a number of outfits. These items will give a personalized style along with keeping your closet and pockets full!!

Get statement items.

Shop from Small Businesses-

Small businesses sometimes have opening sales or grand sales to attract more customers to their business. They try to keep the prices lower as compared to the big business. These small businesses have less manufacturing expenses which leads to lower prices of the item. Small businesses keeps the quality high as well as environment is also kept in mind while making the items.

Shop Small.

Buy Expensive colors-

Check the high-end clothing fashion brand and note a color style they have. Buying similar type of color can keep your items look expensive yet they can be under a budget. Some colors that give expensive look are:







Dark Blue

Olive Green

Get Expensive looking colors.

Sell unnecessary items-

Open your wardrobe and take all the unnecessary clothing that you still have. Sell all items that you do use any more on websites. This will get a small amount in your hand and provides refreshment to your wardrobe as well. It will keep your style more updated and personalized.

Sell away those unnecessary items.

Skip buying very popular trends-

Some trend last a very long time for which you can get them after sometime. Trends when enters the market has a very high price. Their price reduces after some time of entering. Try to avoid them in the entering period and buy them later at a reasonable rate. Now this does not apply on all type of trends because some type of trend are for very short period and might not be available later.

Buy trends later.

Buy in bulk if possible-

If you buy in bulk or a couple of items together it will reduce or equalize the shipping charges applied on the items that you purchase. If you find a website that has favorable rates and items then try to buy some items together to save money on shipping.


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