The COVID-19 crisis may seem like a big lack to business and jobs as well as health, but in digital marketing may in fact take a great plus point to forward as a result of Covid-19.

Before I start to discuss the career or future as a digital marketer, let me go back a step’s back and start from the basics, zero level.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the method of marketing or selling a product or service via the digital platform such as the Internet, Social media, Mobile apps & It develop during the year1990s and 2000s, and it changed the way brands and firms to use technology for marketing.

Digital Marketing as a Career?

Since digital marketing is going at a rapid fire, the demand for digital marketing professionals has been a proportional growth in market. The average salary paid to digital marketer is little high as per other industry levels.

like-Digital Marketing Manager 

       -Digital Marketing Manager

       -SEM/PPC expert    

       -Web developer/designer

       -Social Media Manager         

       -Content Writer

       -Professional Blogger             

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

In every era, marketing is evolved base on what more business is using. If you go back in some steps, you can see that time when business used Radio to promote, it gave born to radio advertising and marketing. Next, we got televisions, it is one of the highest used devices in the world, which allowed the companies to reach to an audience with televisions ads. Even today television advertising is one of the most used advertising strategies for companies. Since the Internet, now more customers started using the Internet, which gave born to a new era of marketing called Internet marketing, which is known as Digital Marketing. Future jobs opportunities is, estimate that in 2020, 2 million new digital marketing jobs will be available in the U.K

Career Opportunities & Income in Digital Marketing?

SMO Job PositionExperience Year                   USA per year   AUS per year    India per year
SMO Executive          0-1    $41,800        $49,818    INR 1,90,000
SMO Specialist          0-1    $55,050$49,818INR 2,84,000
SMO Manager          0-1    $77,880           $99,652INR 8,58,787

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Specialists are helping to get websites ranked on top in search engines or google search website.

SEO Job PositionExperience Year                   USA per year   AUS per year    India per year
SEO Executive          0-1     $43,308       $67,804   INR 1,82,260
SEO Specialist          0-1     $51,748       $73,542   INR 2,00,000
SEO Manager          0-1      $65,684       $86,559   INR 3,96,000

PPC Marketing

PPC/Pay Per Click Marketing is more demanding in scope as compared to search engine optimization. where a person comes to a website and clicks at there then, google pay you for pre-click.

PPC Job PositionExperience Year                   USA per year   AUS per year    India per year
PPC Executive          0-1$45,000$61,000INR 2,50,000
PPC Specialist          0-1$51,404$66,080    INR 3,20,000
PPC Manager          0-1       $65,003                 $69,300    INR 6,12,256

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a result with an oriented business model where you are a reward for every customer or visitor you bring in the business. To understand affiliate income, you need to look at annual income from that monthly income, and its depend on your marketing strategy and your customer.

A affiliate can make a from of $10,000 a year to $400,000.

Content Marketing

A content marketer is responsible for the planning, creating, and sharing of valuable content,writting skills & language skills.

CM. Job PositionExperience Year                   USA per year   AUS per year    India per year
Content writer          0-1$35,560        $79,030          INR 2,22,000
Content Marketer          0-1$59,059        $76,405          INR 4,86,319
Content Manager          0-1$92,647  $107,877INR 5,90,000

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of targeting consumers with a commercial message through email, like send email opportunities.

Email Marketer Job PositionExperience Year                    USA per year   AUS per year    India per year
Email Marketer          0-1$94,171$47,000$25,512
Email Marketer Specialist          0-1$54,433$54,000$50,886
Email Marketing Manager          0-1$94,171$72,000$82,011

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a form of marketing where companies can reach their target audience on their tablets or mobile devices via SMS, MMS, social media, apps, and other means.

A manager with expertise in mobile marketing can earn $100,000 to $120,000 annually.


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