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Best Monsoon Guide 2021: Travel, Food, Fashion & Precautions

Rain Began Again

As we know that in India, we have six seasons or we also call it as “Ritu” and these seasons are summer season as “griṣma ritu”, spring season as “vasanta ritu”, monsoon season as “varsha ritu”, autumn season as “Sharad ritu”, winter season as “Hemanta ritu” and prevernal season as “śiśira ritu”.

Indian monsoon begins from mid-June and ends in September, Western and central India receives more than 90% of rainfall, with southern India receiving more than 70-75% of total rainfall.

Monsoon brings relief from heat, suffocation, sweat that is caused in summer’s heat. Monsoon is caused due to the differing temperature between land and ocean.

Places to visit during monsoon

Image by Jignesh Makwana from Pixabay

Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a town and hill station in southern India. And the view is picturesque when visited during monsoon. South India looks exquisitely peacefully and mind-freshening. The greenery of tea plantations and the cool breeze blowing around gives an aesthetic look and freshness to the mind and body. Munnar is one of the most favourite places of tourists to visit in India.


No matter how many numbers of times you visit “The Queen of hills” this hills stations has its own charm and never gets old. Darjeeling is also one of the most visited places in monsoon season. Tea plantation and toy train ride are satisfying during the monsoon, even when you look outside through your hotel’s window the view is breath-taking.

Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti valley is one of the coldest desert valleys in Himachal Pradesh. The word “spiti” means “in the middle” Spiti valley lies in between India and Tibet. This place is best for adventures like camping, wildlife view and rains make it mesmerizing.

Foods to eat and avoid during the monsoon

  • Avoid salt- Reduce the consumption of salt as it causes water retention in the body.
  • Garlic- Intake of garlic may help to boost your immune system.
  •  Herbal warm water- monsoon is known to cause many infectious diseases so warm water like tulsi water, kadha, etc might help and provide relief to certain extend.
  • Turmeric- Indian turmeric “haldi” is ultimately the best medicine that can be taken in infection.

Fashion advise in monsoon

Image by alsudiz from Pixabay
  • Try different colours: when monsoon arrives then it’s the time to say goodbye to bright coloured jeans as that may get stained in rainy days, you can opt for darker colours as those looks and gives classy vibes. Colours like olive green, black, dark blue, brown can worn in bottom.
  • Preferred fabrics in monsoon:

It is preferred to wear light fabrics during monsoon like cotton, linen, synthetic that is body-friendly during monsoon. Avoid wearing silk and chiffon in monsoon as it also takes time to dry. You can also adorn Printed clothes as it gives adorable and incredible look to you.

  • Scarfs and stoles: Adding a scarf or stoles to your outfit gives a new look to you. Also, during monsoon it must be used as it can save us from rains. It can be used as accessories for your hair can would give vintage to you.
  • Boots: pairing long boots with a short dress, shorts or skirt accentuates your look and makes one look more up to date with today’s fashion.

Precautions in monsoon season

  • Wear full clothes with full sleeves as there is the threat of mosquito bites during dawn and dusk.
  • Do not let water collect as that may work as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Avoid getting wet in the rain as the rainwater is acidic due to pollution and can cause illness.
  • During monsoon adopt a healthy diet as your body is prone to infection.
  • Stay indoors during thunder or lightening.
  • Most importantly when going outside bring your raincoat along without fail.
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