Bounce Back Stronger After COVID- 19 Pandemic
Bounce Back Stronger After COVID- 19 Pandemic

Here we share some stories and examples for how we can Bounce Back Stronger After COVID- 19 Pandemic.

Nowadays many people worried about what is after COVID 19 after this article “How To Bounce Back Stronger After COVID- 19 Pandemic” your thinking process will change.

After world war two of every 1945 Japan was in remains, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been destroyed by nuclear bombs. industrial facilities have been burned to ashes nearly everyone was jobless. How will the devastated nation with no natural resources. and less than 10% arable land, feed over 100 million people?
As complicated and unfortunate as a situation was the Japanese government resolved in a simple solution to continually develop its capacity to add value to imported raw materials and export them for profit this among other factors led to the Japanese economy. miracle catapulting the country – the second-largest economy in the world with few decades.
History has proven over and over again as you will learn in this article. but there is often a rapid recovery after a crisis whether from war endemic or monetary downturn. and the individuals who comprehend this get ready. and position themselves come out more extravagant and progressively effective after the emergency.
In today’s article, share with you some insight on how to recover rapidly after this COVID- 19 pandemics. and come out financially stronger and richer than you were before it. Obviously there are no promises a few things are outside our ability to control yet you can be more ready for the inevitable uncertainties that lie ahead.

Reinvent Yourself With New Relevant Skills

Isaac Newton was in his early 20s when the Great Plague of London heat in 1665 Cambridge sent students home to continue their studies including Newton. The year Newton spent social distancing was later referred to as his anus mirabilis that is the year of Wonders it was in this period that he wrote the paper that became early calculus his boredom experiment with it his theories of optics and right outside his window an apple tree inspired him to come up with the theory of gravity and motion. Newton returns a Cambridge in 1667 with his theories in hand the rest as we say was history
Many people have already lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. many businesses have closed down for good unemployment rate is at all-time high. the competition for jobs and businesses will be more severe than ever. This is not the time for fanciness and bourgeois claims.
The market will need people that can deliver valuable results. the people that will come out of this crisis stronger are those who have reinvented themselves with fresh relevant skills. and knowledge strive to be in this category of people it’s not too late to start updating your skill sets.

Reroute Your Course

In the early 14th century a plague known as Black Death swept across the entire world from Europe, Asia to North Africa. the plague wiped out about half of the population of any area it infected before the plague Europe was governed by a feudal order a system based on two classes in the society.The Elites and the Peasants, known as Serfs. The Elites owned the land and everything else while the Peasants were forced to offer in paid labour, pay fines and taxes. so after the plague there was massive scar City of Labor which shook the foundation of the feudal order the pay’s insists the opportunity to demand for wages for their work instead of working as slaves the got what they wanted and it marked the beginning of the new class the middle class.
What’s the moral of the story.The existing political and economic balance in the society is getting disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. when there is a disruption it often presents opportunity for people to start afresh and make better demands from life as the saying goes he that is down need fear no fall if you have felt trapped in a business or career before this pandemic,This is an opportunity to make a change this time with a clearer vision of what you want. if you lost your job. maybe it’s time to finally. learn that new skill. or start their business, if you have not been headed in the right direction. this is an opportunity to reroute and refocus.

Provide Alternative Product Or Service

Apple wasn’t in good shape as it headed into the 2001 to 2003 recession. The company’s revenue fell 33% in 2001 over the previous year in the wake of the dot-com bust. Apple brought the first generation iPod to the market. Dell the price tag was not really recession-friendly 600,000 people bought one by the end of 2002 ,that number rose to two million a year later the huge sales were evidence of consumers looking for relatively cheaper enjoyment as they recovered from the recession. An iPod was cheaper than a stereo going to concerts or buying a TV.
Similar incident occurred from the 2008. financial crisis lower savings and income compelled people to share assets. and the form of spare rooms in car rides giving Airbnb and Uber battery growth. and popularity as the world moves through recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. people’s spending habits have adjusted significantly people want to have their life back without spending as much as they used to businesses want to get better result without spending hugely what alternative services can you offer. For example local tourism will be more appealing than international farmers will need to get their product to buyers, people are getting more comfortable ordering items online those who figure out how to give people option of convenience alternative and affordability will come out stronger after Covid-19.

leverage Technology

Alibaba ecommerce business gained massive adoption from the 2002 SARS coronavirus outbreak. People across China who wish stocks staying home due to the outbreak started turning to the Internet to buy and sell goods the company benefited from the internet becoming increasingly necessary for doing business as businesses. and consumers were driven online to trade technology tools and skills are at the center of the survival of business and careers today.
When workers and students were forced to stay at home, everyone had the opportunity to interact with technology, including people who were previously skeptical. Tech is no an option you choose or not, it is now inevitable businesses and professions at a tech centric generally perform better than those they were not during the lockdown.As we move through the recovery phase those that embrace technology will outperform and probably replace those that don’t.

Ride the wave of growth

As you can see history has proven over and over again that there is often a rapid recovery after a crisis whether from a war, pandemic or economic recession and Most people during this crisis spend their time worrying about if this was a conspiracy theory or when this was going to end. About four months have passed since this crisis began some people sat back waiting for when the lockdown would be lifted so the things can go back to normal. what they fail to understand is that a wave is passing by and for every downturn, there is an upturn.
Many people are being swept by the wave it is those who are ready and positioned to ride the upward wave of growth that will experience prosperity after this crisis the most successful people do more than survive a downturn they position themselves to thrive during the subsequent upturn when most people are fearful and careful about their decisions when most people spend their time either wondering when all this will end or escaping from the situations with entertaining activities. this is the same time the world ushers in a new breed of success stories.
Reinvent yourself with fresh skills and knowledge reroute your cause if you have to leverage technology to offer people real value. hopefully, you’ll be better positioned to ride the wave of recovery.

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