Ekta Kapoors new web series controversy
Ekta Kapoors new web series controversy

Noted film producer Ekta Kapoor’s new web series ‘XXX-2’ has sparked controversy after one Group of ex-army personnel lodged a complaint in Gurugram’s Palam Vihar police station raising objection over its allegedly inappropriate and vulgar content.

• Triple X-2 series is based on the lives of the army workforce.

• Triple  X-2 also has scenes where uniforms of the military force, having symbols of Ashoka statue and Taj are torn apart. he said this is an insult to our armed forces and military workforce.

•  MWF member Major S.N Rao said “In a Haryana having representation of over 3.70 lakh army soldiers. This is an affront to them and ex-armed forces men like us. they strongly say Ekta Kapoor will remove the objectionable scenes from the web series, otherwise, they will intensify Ekta Kapoor’s trouble.

•  Raising strong objection to the Triple X-2  web Series Martyrs Welfare Foundation (MWF) chairman Major T.C. Rao said that army soldiers sacrifice their lives for the country, but the series producer and director portray that army men’s wives are close with other men at home when their husbands are away to serve on the borders. he said this substance is profoundly frightful and it could dampen our outfitted force’s an affront to them and ex-armed force men like us.


• Rajender Kumar, SHO of Palam Vihar police station, confirmed receiving a complaint in this regard and said the matter is under investigation.”

•  Former Bigg Boss contestant Hindustani Bhau has also lodged a complaint against the makers of the show at the Khar police station in Mumbai.

•  The controversial scene had landed the makers in a spot, what the hashtag  #ALTBalaj _lnsults_Army trending on Twitter.

Cyber Bullying

• As an individual we are deeply respectful towards the Indian Force. Their commitment to our prosperity and security is tremendous. We have just erased the scene that is being spoken about, so the action has been made from our side. What we don’t appreciate is the bullying and the rape menace by the trolls,” said Kapoor,  referring to the massive cyberbullying she has witnessed after the controversy burgeoned over the past few days.

•This gentleman who thinks that he’s the ‘patriot of the year’ decided to come out there, scold my mother and me. And now, has openly put a rape threat on a social platform. This, now, is no longer about the army forces or sexual content because the idea of this is ‘rape a daughter, rape her son, rape her 71-year-old mother’ for making sexual content. It means sex is bad but ravishment is okay.



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