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High Paying Career Option for Women | Top 5 Career Option for Women

High Paying Career Option for women
High Paying Career Option for women

There has been a lot of High Paying Career Option for Women & there is a lot of change in the thinking of women regarding careers Now girls are clear about their careers from the beginning and study accordingly. Although girls are doing a very good job in every field now, still there are some fields which are the special choice of girls.

High Paying Career Option for Women
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So let us tell you today 5 High Paying career options where you can do a great job with your education, creativity, personality, nature, and hard work.

1. Public Relations and Advertising

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Public relations or PR is a field in which good communication skills are most needed. If you have these qualities in your personality then you can make a good career in PR. This job should also have the ability to convert people to extreme nature. You can do a diploma or degree course in PR or PR and Advertising after 12th or graduation.

Nowadays every company has a job for PR. Apart from this, you can apply for PR in all government departments as well. After this job, the annual package is available in lakhs.

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Advertising is a creative field that encompasses the entire field from the concept of ad, its research, scripting, direction to launch in the market. Nowadays, every business and service wants to bring its product to the consumer and also wants to make it famous to increase sales. And this is what an advertising company does. In the digital world, the scope of advertising on online platforms has increased a lot.

This field has good options for copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, client servicing, market research, and media planning jobs. After the course of advertising, in the beginning, you get a salary of 20-25 thousand every month and later you get a lot of money on the basis of good work and experience.

Advertising & PR Course

BA in Advertising and Brand Management

BA in Advertising and PR

Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and PR

Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication

Where to do the course

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

The Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Indian Institute of Design

2. Air hostesses


Air hostess or cabin crew comes in the aviation industry’s prime jobs & High Paying Career Option for Women. Especially for girls whose personality is attractive, have good command over the language, the job of air hostess can be a great choice for them. Air hostess jobs are also considered very glamorous.

The job of the air hostess is to take care of passenger’s service, comfort, and safety. Demand for air hostesses is increasing continuously in the fast-growing aviation industry. After doing the 12th from any stream, you can take the course of an air hostess.

The age limit for this profile is 17 to 26 years, along the length of the female candidate should be 5 feet and 2 inches.

To do this course, you can take direct admission in the training institute and then apply for a job in airlines. The salary of air hostess is initially 20-25 thousand and the salary of international air hostess is more.


Franklin institute of air hostess

Jet Airways Training Academy

Universal Aviation Academy

The Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation

3. Nursing

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In most of the hospitals, you must have seen a nurse woman, although the nurse may be either of men and women, but since old times the nursing profession in India has been associated with women, so even today the course of nursing is in great demand among women. .

Nursing is a good field for women who want to pursue a career in the medical field. Working hours in this profession are almost fixed, although duty can be any in 24 hours. The job of the nurse is to assist both the doctor and the patient.

A nurse follows the doctor’s instructions as well as taking care of the patient, monitoring their health, medication on time, and also doing the necessary checkups. Along with being a professional, having a caring nature is also good for nursing. This job is a respectful job for women and High Paying Career Option for Women.

There are many diploma and degree courses for nursing after 12th

ANM (Augmental Nursing and Midwife) – This is a basic course of nursing whose duration is 18 months and it can be done after taking science side in 12th. To do this course, an entrance exam has to be given, which is conducted by the Nursing Entrance Board.

GNM (General Nursing & Midwife) – This is an advanced course of nursing which is completed in 3.5 years. Entrance is also required to do this course, which is provided by the Nursing Entrance Board only.

BSc in Nursing – This is a 4-year degree and is considered to be a complete qualification of nursing. Science side is required in 12th to take admission in BSc and many universities take the test before admission. After BSc, you can also do MSc in Nursing for a degree.

In distance mode, two years of diploma of nursing can be done from Indira Gandhi Open University. In a large institute like AIIMS, there is a separate test for diploma of nursing.

After taking a Diploma or Degree of Nursing, you can work in all Government Hospitals and Private Hospitals, Super Specialty Hospitals, Multi Specialty Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Indian Red Cross Society Indian Nursing Council, State Nursing Council.

4. Human resources

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Human resource job is not just for girls, but the nature of this job is that which suits women in particular, that is why women have the role of HR in big companies. In fact, HR is profiled in Manly corporate companies.

There are 9 to 5 jobs and mostly on weekends. This job has both the prospect and the power, as well as the salary is also good, women love HR jobs very much.

In any organization, HR’s job is to recruit good people to work there, to work on their growth. HR makes policy for the people working in the company and it is the job of manning the human resources of the company. Nowadays HR in every small and big company has a job profile and this field is also growing rapidly.

Qualification- The best degree for HR is MBA in HR. MBA is a master’s degree and it is necessary to be a graduate, apart from this, some degrees and diplomas are also at graduation level. For MBA, a degree in HR can be obtained from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

However, IIMS is the most prestigious institute in the country and admission is not easily available in them. To do MBA from IIM, it is necessary to pass the entrance exam.

Apart from all the branches of IIM (Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore,) there are other government and private universities from which MBA in HR degree can be obtained. After doing MBA from IIMS, salary is in lakhs and rest of the place also get good money in HR jobs.

5. Teaching

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The job of teaching may be an old profession, but in today’s time, it is considered to be the most promising and reputed work. Teaching job is still the most preferred job of women. If young girls also plan to go to the teaching line, then the special reason behind it is the facilities available in this job.

First of all, there are many levels to become a teacher and you can apply for the job based on your qualification.

Secondly, there are fix hours to work in a teaching job. Apart from weekends, all government and other major holidays are also available. Teaching is just such a job in which there are summer and winter vacations.

And apart from all these plus points, now salary is also very good in this job. Women give preference to teaching jobs because they are able to manage both their professional and personal life in this.

Qualification- Teaching line has profiles such as Primary, TGT, PGT, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor and these require different qualifications.

To teach at primary level, it is necessary to pass the exam of B.Ed., BTC or NTT. For government vacancies, in these courses and on the basis of the rest of your education, merit selection is done or somewhere you are admitted through tests.

To become a government teacher at high school level, graduation as well as B.Ed. course is necessary. Apart from this, it is also necessary to pass seat at for Central Government school and STAT for state level school.

It is necessary for an assistant professor to pass NET (National Eligibility Test) with a master’s degree. The NET test uses twice a year. After the removal of this test, the selection for the Assistant Professor is done on the basis of test or sometimes by direct interview.



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