Holi 2021
Holi 2021, Festival of color

Holi is the most vibrant Hindu festival. Holi Festival of Colors in India is a celebration of the victory of good over evil, the destruction of the devil Holika. India is a country of festivals, people of different castes and religions, celebrate different festivals with great enthusiasm and one of these festivals is “Holi”.

Holi Festival
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When is Holi in the year 2021?

Generally,  festivals in India are celebrated according to Hindi Panchang. In this way, Holi Festival is the celebrated end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring season. This year, the festival of Holi in 2021 will be celebrated on 29 March 2021.

Holika Dahan 28th March 2021

Holi 29th March 2021

Holi Festival
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Know Holika Dahan Story and Why Holi is Celebrated?

Each festival has its own story taled, which is based on religious faiths. There is a story behind Holi as well. There was a Powerful king named Hiranyakashyap, who considered himself the most powerful or mighty, so he hated the gods and did not like to hear the name of Lord Vishnu of the gods, but his son Prahlada was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap did not like this thing, he used to scare his son in many ways and prevent him from worshiping Lord Vishnu, but Prahlad would not listen to one, he was absorbed in devotion to his God. One day King Hiranyakashyap came up with a plan to get the most disturbed.

Holi Festival

According to which he asked his sister Holika (Holika had a boon, that she has victory over the fire, she cannot burn the fire) with Prahlada sitting on the altar of fire. Prahlada sat on the altar with his aunt and became immersed in devotion to his God Vishnu. Then immediately Holika started burning and through Akashvani which Holika was reminded that if she misuses her boon, then she herself will be burnt to ashes and this is what happened. Prahlada’s fire did not spoil anything and demoness Holika was consumed by burning.

Similarly, people celebrated that day with full of joy and till today that day is celebrated in the name of Holika Dahan, and the next day they celebrate this day with colors.

How do you celebrate Holi?

The festival of color is commemorated all over India, but it is celebrated more enthusiastically in North India. People visit places like Vrindavan, Gokul and Braj,  to see the festival of Holi. In these cities, this festival is celebrated for several days.

Holi Festival
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There is such a practice in Braj, in which men paint colors on women and women beat them with sticks, it is a very famous tradition, which people go to North India to see this tradition.

Holi of flowers is also celebrated at many places and everyone plays each other with songs and celebrates happiness.

Rang Panchami is more important in central India and Maharashtra, people make a team, go to each other’s house with color, gulal and paint each other and say “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”. In the Indore city of central India, the Color of Holi has a different tone, it is called Rang Panchami, in which the whole city of Indore comes together and enjoys dancing and Singing. Preparations for such an occasion are made 15 days in advance.

This festival of color is also called the “Phagun Festival”, in which old songs were sung in the language of Braj. Cannabis (Bhanga) is also a special part of Holi. After getting drunk, everyone embraces each other and forgets all the grievances, and sings and dances with each other.

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Many dishes are made in homes on Holi. Holi is incomplete without traditional Gujiya, Malpua, Samosa, laddu, Gulab Jamun, etc. In our country full of taste, special dishes are made at every festival.

Holi Precautions:

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1. Holi is a festival of colors, but it is important to celebrate it carefully. Nowadays, due to the adulteration of color, many have to face loss, so it is right to consider Holi with Gulal.

2. Also, other drugs are also found in cannabis (Bhang), so it is very important to avoid such things.

3. The use of the adulteration color is also increasing the risk of eye disease. Therefore, avoid using chemicals with mixed colors.

4. Before eating any item made outside the house, think the danger of adulteration increases more in the festival.

5. Carefully one another, if someone does not want, do not force. Fighting fights have also started increasing on festivals like Holi.


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