How A Smile Can Change Your Life?
How A Smile Can Change Your Life?

Imagine you have 28,000 dollars in your bank account what happens when you lose a few dollars well you probably don’t feel anything right but What did you realize that the average number of days a person lives is also 28,000 but when someone spoils your day you actually spend a long time trying to recover from it irony isn’t it

we all know that time is money remember that your time is limited don’t waste it spend your time wisely. spend your time with your children walking on the beach spend your time with your friends building great relationships spend your time upgrading yourself with new skill. I want to share with you a smile formula that is taught to me by my father I remember when I was just starting my career many things did not go as smoothly as I wanted sometimes I got upset when my boss scolded me sometimes I got really frustrated when I keep repeating the same mistakes and sometimes I really wanted to give up then my father introduced me to the smile formula and it completely changed my life here is how it works

when you face a problem ask yourself can you solve it if yes solve it smile and move on if you cannot solve it then smile and just move on

there is no point worrying about things you cannot control you see in life many of us are stuck on thinking about issues we cannot solve and end up neglecting the important things around us like our loved ones our friends our well-wishers if you’re watching this video and are having a bad day don’t worry smile and move on remember there is always a reason to smile this

let’s make were happier for everyone you.

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