How to make veg frankie at home
How to make veg frankie at home

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Veg Frankie – Chessy Veg Frankie

Veg Frankie recipe is one of the most loved and delicious Indian street food! This simple Indian Frankie roll is one of the TASTIEST ways to enjoy Mumbai, Maharastra street food.

This veg Frankie roll/Kathi is one of my favorite splurge snack recipes. We basically spiced vegetables are wrapped in chapathi or wrap bread to which tomato ketchup and green chutney are added to enhance the flavor. Really this is good served any time of the day. Snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner they are always sure to satisfy your Indian food craving.

Ingredients For The Roti’s of Veg Frankie

 1/2 cup refined flour

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

 1 tsp oil

salt to taste

 1/4 tsp oil

for kneading Water as required

 For The Stuffing

1 1/2 tbsp oil

 1 tsp crushed garlic

4 large boiled,

peeled and mashed potatoes

3/4 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp chaat masala

1/4 cup chopped coriander

 salt to taste

 For Filling

 1 tbsp vinegar

 1 chopped chilly

 1 tbsp chaat masala powder

 Shredded cabbage

Tomato ketchup

How to Make Veg Frankie Recipe


– During a bowl add together refined flour, whole flour, salt to taste, oil, and water.

– Mix all the ingredients together and begin kneading.

– Once done, cover it with a humid cloth and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

– During a pan heat some oil, while the oil is heating up crush some garlic and once done add the garlic into the oil until it turns brown.

– Mashed the potatoes and add them into the pan.

– Mix it nicely and evenly then start adding salt, red chili powder, chaat masala, coriander powder, and once cooked close up the flame.

– Make small size ball of the dough and apply some oil over them.

– Roll it into a flatbread with a kitchen utensil.

– Place the flatbread on a heated pan and cook until there are few bubbles on the surface

– Flip it and sprinkle some oil and begin the flame

– For assembling apply some ketchup on the flatbread then top it up with shredded cabbage, place the cylindrical shape of potato mixture

– During a bowl make a mix of malt vinegar and chilies.

– Sprinkle some chaat masala and top it up with cheese

– Roll the Frankies

– Veg Frankie is prepared to be served.


Let’s begin well first things first we are making a flatbread like a chapatti. For which we are taking some flour well. This is refined flour to this we are adding some whole-wheat flour, salt to taste and a little bit of oil then we mix this now add some water.

Once all this comes together. We are going to need this into a soft and pliable dough. Now the dough is ready.  We need to just splash a little bit of oil in this bowl. Placing this back covering this with a damp cloth and just let this rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

When in the interim let’s start preparing the filling. Which is the potato mixture? Now we are adding in a little bit of oil. Let this heat on a moderate flame. Now you are need going to crush in some garlic. The garlic is crushed and ready and so is the oil is also ready, in goes the crushed garlic a quick & mix.

 While the garlic is turning brown.  We need to mash the potatoes well and this straight goes in the pan.  Now you mix this nicely and evenly and now you need to add in some salt, some red chili powder, and a little bit of chaat masala. Along with this goes in some freshly chopped coriander a thorough mix it nicely.

Here you have the potato filling is prepared of course. The flame the potato filling is ready and the dough rested enough.

Now let’s start making chapatis out of this so now you need to make lemon sized balls of this dough.  Now you applying a little oil on this so that a film does not form on the dough balls.

 Now let’s start making a chapati out of this you are applying a little oil on the base and now let’s roll this into a thin sheet. Well, this trade goes on a moderately heat pan. Once the surface gets bubbles like these you need to flip this over and cook this on the other side as well.

 This is the time you can sprinkle in some oil and cook this completely. This is ready and done. Now similarly you need to start making Dada chapattis. So here we have the potato filling ready, chapatti ready, the add ons ready.

 So let’s begin when you smear in some tomato sauce on this. Well, the tomato ketchup can be store/bought or you can make it at home also. Now you topping this with some shredded cabbage.

Now going to top this with a rolling(cylinder) of this potato filling mixture.  You are making a mixture with some malt vinegar and some chopped chilies. Top this with a little bit of this vinegar chili a little bit of Frankie/chat masalas.

 Finally, you top this with some cheese. Let’s begin to roll these up now. Now similarly you need to make the rest. So this is a delicious yet simple vegetable, Frankie. Do make it for your family. Enjoy it hot/cold, at home or on the go, in any case, you are sure to love the Veg Frankie.


•          Make it a little healthier and meal-friendly by adding vegetables as a topping. You can add thinly sliced cabbage, carrot, capsicum, bell pepper.

•          You can add stir-fried or oven-baked vegetables with few Indian spices to make Indian burrito.

 e.g. Onions, Bell peppers, Cauliflowers, Zucchini, Mushroom

•          You can add some spiced Peas, chickpeas, beans.


  • Firstly, do not overstuff the Veg Frankie with stuffing, as it will be quite difficult to roll and eat.
  • Additionally, leftover Chapathi works great to prepare Veg Frankie.
  • Finally, grate some cheese to prepare  Veg Frankie.

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