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How to Sell your Insurance on the Mobile Phone

How to sell insurance with effective use of the phone. now let’s get a few things clear with you one there are some products that you cannot sell over the phone and there are some that you can sell over the phone.  let’s classify these products clearly first products like travel Insurance, Car Insurance which doesn’t require a lot of advice. it can be sold over the phone. however, products like Retirement planning, life Insurance, Education planning, Health insurance critical illness Insurance these are products where you need to sit down with a proper financial adviser and get the right product. These should not be sold over the phone now products which can be sold over the phone.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have covered why they actually need that product, second you need to also ensure they understand what is the benefit of buying that product versus the cost that they’re going to pay which is the premium and the third is how do they actually make a claim in the event that is a loss because that’s one of the biggest grievous sins that a lot of people have I have the insurance but it doesn’t payment so make sure you’re very clearly clarified what are the steps that are required to be able to get a claim.

now if you are buying any other products which I like life insurance which need proper advice don’t do that over the phone advice has to be given face to face with a real advisor spend some time with a proper advisor to know exactly what product you need because there’s so many out there and you want to make sure you’ve got the right one. 

We hope you get some clues how we sale insurance with phone call when you practice of phone call you get this save your time and money and your productivity is goes to next level


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