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Hyundai India COVID-19 Impact and Future

Impact of Covid-19 on Hyundai

Interview with Puneet Anand, Hyundai India on News 18 Auto

We’re not talking about fears of this pandemic that has brought a lot of lessons to learn. Having said that, I think this also is the time for companies like Hyundai and others to showcase their vision and also the closeness as far as society is concerned. And I think that is one thing which we always thought that whatever we did from society it is always time to give it back to society. who says you’re not among the activities and giving back to the society.

We imported some High-Quality testing Kit from South Korean. So what are they going to offset the outbreak and help corona warriors?

We had some connection in Korea of it and we were able to import Twenty five thousand high-quality kits, And we were very happy to donate these gifts as the first company to ICMR. But, you know, it’s was one part. We also thought that we should be looking at three different platforms that support is a concern to under the first pillar. We donated the meaningful Seven crores to the Prime Minister Relief Fund and Five crores Tamilnadu Relief Fund in the state of Tamil Nadu. Where our Plant is there. And the second pillar was of supplying money and supplying support to the people of this country. And that’s where Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Haryana we supplied dry rations to all these underprivileged people. And the most important thing. The support from the front line warriors. So we all so donated to the 4 States Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Delhi, Harayana very strongly supplied of PPE (Personal Protect Equipment) for the doctors, and N95 Mask a must for the frontline staff and also incinerators and sanitizers.

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What do you see over? 

I can see that it is too early to see how the consumers will react. But I think it is always peace of mind that all year activity needs an initiative and the processes which are normally done in the offline loan can now be done through an online loan. Whether it is the comparison of the carjacking up of the features, price negotiation, even the applying for of finance online.

How do you proceed future of the Indian Automotive Industry? It was hoped that there would be a bounce-back of your six.

We were confident that by the festive season we would see the industry ticking up, although we may not deserve our future a slightly little later. Having said that, I think last year we have seen a lot of challenges. And I think this is a part of the economy. It is part of the mission that sometimes there are ups and downs in life. But we have known we want to evolve through all these times, whether it was the floods in Kerala, whether it was the CA or the political development, whether or not it is a pandemic.

I think we as an industry have strong muscles of government, feel that the auto industry on people can go almost 7 percent of the country’s GDP with almost six point five million people employed. And also, adding lots of value to export, I think, but even tried to support us during this time.

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