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India’s challenges are not new borders become volatile every summer skirmishes happen all the time. bullets are exchanged every now and then but what happens when three neighbors launch a coordinated provocation in the middle of a pandemic. 

The Nepal parliament has unanimously approved the country’s new map and the controversial map shows Indian territories as part of Nepal the KP Sharma Oli led government had already approved the map and the map issue has led to a diplomatic standoff between New Delhi and Kathmandu as of now it shows India’s Lipulekh Kala Pani and Limpiyadhura as part of Nepal’s territory and it seems that Nepalese Prime Minister has left self-preservation from national interest.  According to sources India had offered a dialogue to Nepal over the territory rule and the offer was made of one week before Nepal foreign minister stated that India had been snubbing Nepal requests for talks on the border issue. Nepal foreign minister says we have expressed time in again that Nepal wants to sit on the table to settle all these problems where we were bit surprised by the silence from Indian side when we send two sets of possible dates in November and December last year still we are waiting for the formal negotiation so that these two countries with big civilization with a very close connection with a very unique type of partnership they can develop more inspiring lesson which reflects the requirements of the 21st century.  so foreign minister saying that India has been silent sources even confirmed that PM only seemed disinterested in India’s offer, Now the real question is was India’s offer even discussed in Naples Parliament or has the public and the Nepali lawmakers been misled India’s Ministry of External Affairs has responded to Nepal’s new map saying that the artificial enlargement of claims is not based on any historical evidence and it’s not tenable in fact it is violative of the current understanding between the two nations as if now the ties among India and Nepal have come under strain after India’s Defense minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated an 80 kilometer long strategically crucial road connecting the Lipulekh pass Dharchula in Uttarakhand on May 8th, 2020 Nepal reacted sharply to the inauguration claiming that it passed through Nepalese territory India rejected the claim asserting that the road lies completely within its own territory.

India has become the fourth worst-hit country due to the Wuhan virus and at a time like this it is being distracted by its neighbors being sucked into border flare-ups three nations have become active at the border simultaneously three neighbors seem to be posing a combined threat to India Pakistan Nepal and the guide and creditor China. This for effect or to instigate, this because it’s a matter of fact from the west to the north to east India is feeling the heat on all three sides in the West it’s Pakistan it has always remained a challenge for decades it has provoked India in collusion with China and now Pakistan is at it again.  since Sunday the Pakistan Army has been violating the ceasefire on a daily basis, Pakistani troops shelled villages in Rajouri and Poonch.

 An Indian Army personnel was martyred. In north China has been reinforcing its border defenses for more than a month it may have retreated from the front line in some parts but the military buildup has not stopped. Just the PLA is said to have received a delivery of few weapons including China’s most advanced vehicle-mounted HOWITZERS the PCL – 181. If you follow the Chinese state media you’d think the PLA is preparing for war, there are reports of a buildup in an Arunachal Pradesh.  In the east meanwhile, a subplot has emerged a country that has always enjoyed excellent bilateral ties with India is spoiling for a fight. Nepal is throwing a fit first to prove the new political map showing disputed lands as Nepalese territory limpiaDora Lee Pollack and Kala Pani Kathmandu did not even bother with exploring a diplomatic solution and today something unusual has happened there was indiscriminate firing by the Nepal police near the border with the India state of Bihar one Indian has been killed four others injured it’s being called an unrelated issue and the timing couldn’t have been worse if it’s unrelated it comes at a time of increased border tensions can it be labeled a mere coincidence.

Image Credit: @detresfa_


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