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Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

This Article is super special because it’s about the Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food.

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Indian cuisine actually is very varied in type and taste. so while it’s difficult to describe the Indian cuisine. just by looking at the different geographical regions. there’s one true thing that we can say for any dish in nearly Indian cuisine. which is not sweet that these are super spicy and very hot and I mean very hot.

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Maybe you’re quite familiar with Indian Curries these are usually cooked in ghee or in mustard oil in coconut oil or any other vegetable oil. but what are curries actually the word curry refers to a certain spice blend which is also called Masala and you can either have wet or dry Masalas to put in your sauce and the most famous one is called Garam Masala. it’s a dry powdered Masala which is so common that you can use it in almost any dish and it is comprised of 10 – up to 16 different spices.
The Curry or Masala that made the Indian cuisine super popular all of the worlds is actually chicken tikka masala but mind you because this one was not invented in India but it was invented in Scotland.
One of the most loft Indian dishes all over the world was made by the people that love haggis and it is according to statistics the most popular dish in Britain.

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

When we go to an Indian restaurant we see very heavy meals but what do they actually eat for breakfast. there’s a wide variety of breakfast items that you can get most of them just like the lunch or the breakfast because yourself it would rise or you serve with bread. and the most common are for example spicy Omelet or Sweetheart love is and stuff like idli, Dosa, Poha, Dhokla these are all traditional Indian dishes. and the good thing is these are savory ones so very good.

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Pepper is known as the king of spices, Peppercorn goes well with literally anything and I mean what kind of dishes would we eat super bland without any salt and any pepper in it. In India, they even have over 75 different varieties and cultivars of pepper India is rightly called the land of spices no country in the world produces so many different varieties of spices I mean 70% of all spices in the world come from India.
But what about the foreign flavors that you can find in Indian cuisine where did these come from well the Greek, the Roman and the Arab traders really contributed a lot and also other staple ingredients of the Indian cuisines such as potato, tomatoes or chilies they were brought by the Portuguese also introduced refined sugar and before that the Indians used fruits or honey.
Sugar by the way did you know that by the fifth century crystallized sugar was referred to as Khanda which is now known for candy.
So according to the Indian food theory, the Indian cuisine or the palate is based on six different taste
1. Sweet which is called Madhura
2. Salty which is called Lavana
3. Sour which is called Amala
4. Spicy which is called katu
5. Bitter which is referred to as Tikta
6. Astringent which is called Kasya
A proper Indian meal actually has the perfect balance of all these six different tastes while two of those usually stand out a little more than the others so the next time you eat an Indian meal you know how to judge it now.

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Interesting Facts Related To Indian Food

Sweet Indian desserts play quite an important part in Indian cuisine as well Wikipedia for example lists nearly 200 different types of Indian sweet desserts isn’t that incredible Payasam which is also called kheer, for example, is a super popular dish from South India. typically served at ceremonies, at weddings, at anniversaries very very traditional and important occasions a wedding is not over until you serve to Payasam.
The Indian food system classifies food into three main categories
First component Saatvic which is fresh Vegetables and Fruits.
Second component Raajsic which is like oil and spicy food.
Third component Taamsic which refers to meat and alcoholic beverages
Saatvic nourishment, for instance, is for a higher condition of consciousness, Raajsic food is the establishment for movement and action and Taamsic draws out the negative sentiments. you know it is referred to as alcohols a fun fact did you actually know that India consumes 50% of the world’s whiskey.

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