Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth 2020: 

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Tomorrow is Karwa Chauth’s. Karwa Chauth’s fast falls on Wednesday, November 4. All preparations for this fast are done a couple of days in advance.

For this, collect all the Puja materials today and place them in the temple of the house. Karwa Chauth’s vow is for women for the longevity of their husbands. Karwa Chauth’s fast is not only a festival of grooming but a festival of blessings of undivided good fortune by having full faith in Karwa Mata.

 That is why Chandra dev is visited at night after worshipping Karwa Mata in the afternoon on this day. Like every vow, it has some rules that need to be adhered to.

 Let us know the full details of the pooja method, the auspicious Muhurat, the fast rule, the Karwa Chauth vrat with the material list…

Karwa chauth is celebrated on this day

Karwachauth, the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is celebrated. On this day, married women fast for the long life of their husbands and wish them a long life.

Pooja Time

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The auspicious muhurat of Karwa Chauth Puja will begin at 05.29 pm on 4th November. It will last till 6.48 pm. Chandruday will be at 7:57 pm.

The way to do Karwa Chauth puja

Place 13 Bindi on Karwa and take 13 grains of wheat or rice in hand and say or listen to the story of Karwa Chauth. Then turn your hand on Karwa and bless all your elders and give them Karwa. Keep aside the lota of water and 13 grains of wheat.

 After the moon is discharged, look at the husband with a sieve oat and give it to the moon. Wish the husband a long lifespan and keep you with you throughout his life while giving the moon an offering.

Now bow down to the husband and bless them and drink water from their hands. Now sit with your husband and dine.

Puja material

Clay spouted and lid, water lota, gangwater, sandalwood, kumkum, rowley, lamp, cotton, incense sticks, virgin, flowers, raw milk, curd, desi ghee, honey, sweets, sugar boora, sugar, turmeric, rice, mehndi, axis, verdur, comb, bindi, chunri, bangle, nettle, yellow clay for making gauri, wooden pedestal, sieve, eight puris

Puja Vidhi

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Take the sargi before the sun and then keep the nirjala fast all day long. Make a pane with ochre on the wall and grind the soaked rice and prepare the solution.

Make a picture of Karwa on the pane with this solution. However, readymade photos are also available in the market. These are called bridesmaids.

The art of painting is done by Karwa Dharna. Make eight pooris. Make halwa or kheer in sweet and also prepare the dish. Now make a statue of Goddess Parvati with the help of yellow clay and dung.

Now put this statue on a wooden easy and offer mehndi, axis, verdur, comb, bindi, chunri, bangle and nettle. Keep a wall filled with water.

 Fill the wheat in the Karwa and sugar in the lid. Create a swastika on the Karwa from Rowley. Now worship Gauri-Ganesha and the painted Karwa.

Sargi also has special importance on the day of Karwa Chauth

 On this day, the fasting women and girls wake up before sunrise and eat sargi after bathing. Sargi usually prepares saaS. Sargi is eaten with dried nuts, coconut, fruits, and sweets.

If there is no mother-in-law, a big house can make a sargi for her daughter-in-law, who is fasting for Karwa Chauth before marriage. Her in-laws come to give her a sargi an evening ago. Sargi is eaten in the morning before the sun rises so that energy remains throughout the day.

Karwa Chauth’s Rules

Only in the case of a relationship or a relationship, women can keep these fasts. This fast is kept anhydrous from sunrise to Chandroday.

No woman who fasts wears black or white robes. Red robes are the best. Yellow can also be worn. On this day must make full makeup and full food.

What is Sargi?

Some traditions are an essential part of this festival. Sargi is also one of them. Sargi is called a plate of food that the mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law.

 Bahu Sargi has a vow of Karwa Chauth only after he has understood Prasad. If there is no mother-in-law in the house, jethani or elder Anand or an elderly woman gives it.

The main purpose of eating sargi is to maintain energy in the body during the fast throughout the day.

Sargi should be eaten before sunrise

It is believed that sargi should be eaten before sunrise. It gives to sargi saas bahu. It is good to face the south direction while eating sargi.

Learn how to decorate a plate of worship here

Decorate the plate for the vision of the moon. Place sweets or white sweets made of Akshat, Kumkum, Deepak, Sindur, Rowley, and rice. Make a whole makeup and fill the water in the karway. Then worship Maa Gauri and Ganesha.

 Look at the moon with a sieve or in the water when the moon emerges. Give are worthy, listen to the story of Karwa Chauth Vrat. Then wish your husband long life. Give makeup items to your mother-in-law or a veteran woman and bless her.

Know what should be included in the sargi

Sargi should include sweets, mathri, seviyan or firni, dried nuts, coconut, whole or parathas, kadhi and a glass of juice or coconut water.

Fruits are digested very quickly but are essential for the necessary nutrition and energy in a short time.

Take green vegetables and salads with bread, which will also provide energy throughout the day and supply nutrition.

Karwa Chauth rules

Only Suhaginen or those whose relationship is fixed, women can keep this fast. This fast is kept waterless from sunrise to moonrise.

 None of the fasting women wear black or white clothes. Red clothing is the best. Yellow can also be worn. On this day, complete makeup and complete food must be done.

When listen katha, afternoon or evening

On this day, women listen to the story in the afternoon or evening. For the story, water is kept in the post at the post. Roli, wheat, rice, mud Karwa, sweets, Bayana items are kept on the plate.

Counseling is essential for pregnant women

If you are going to keep fast in pregnancy, it is very important to consult your doctor. Your doctor knows your health perfectly. If there is a slight problem and they are not allowing, then abandon the idea of fasting.

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