Home News Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha
Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha
Modiji inaugurated the event and said that the dream of many years has come true in Gujarat
Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha; Time will be saved but expenses will increase, Departed Saurashtra in the morning, go to Surat and return home in the evening, know the rules of ticket booking, cancellation-refund.

•          Think of it in this way – Rs 525 per person fare, if there is a car with Rs 1200 separately, a trip to a family of 5 people will cost Rs 3825, currently costs up to Rs 2350

•          Modiji inaugurated the event and said that the dream of many years has come true in Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Hazira-Ghogha Row-Pax service through virtual media and also interacted online with Ghogha and Hazira traders.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that the people of Gujarat have a festive gift on the occasion of Diwali.

Old dream of the people of Saurashtra-South Gujarat has come true. The Prime Minister also inaugurated the newly constructed port terminal at Hazira.

The Prime Minister said that the Row-Pax service is an excellent example of the development of the maritime sector. It will also save time, fuel, and benefit the environment. It will be able to carry 80,000 passengers a year.

Farmers will know also be able to sell goods safely by sea. Prime Minister Modi of the Row Pax service said that the mantra of Vocal for Local should not be forgotten while shopping for Diwali. Buying a diva does not mean being self-reliant.

The mantra of Local for Vocal is to be adopted everywhere. We will not compromise in Vocal for Local. This Diwali is to be made the turning point of Vocal for Local.

Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

Family of 5 persons to go from Surat to Ghogha Row Packs Ferry, By Road, Single Trip

Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

TransportRow Paxpetrol car (5 persons)Diesel car (5 persons)CNG car (5 persons)  
Travel expensesRs. 26 25Rs. 2000Rs. 1670Rs. 750  
Toll FeeRs. 350Rs. 350Rs. 350
Vehicle costRs. 12 00
TotalRs. 38 25Rs. 2350Rs. 2020Rs. 1100  
 Cost per personRs. 76 5Rs. 470Rs. 404Rs. 220  

Cost of 2 person going by road and row packs

TravelRow PaxRoad  
Ticket Y / PetrolRs.1050Rs.600  
per personRs.700Rs.300  
Launch of Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira-Ghogha

Earlier it used to take 12 hours to reach Surat, now it will take 4 hours

Raw-Pax ferry service has been started between Hazira-Ghogha. The service also carries passengers, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks from one place to another. With the commencement of the Hazira-Ghogha Row-Pax ferry service, the distance between these two places has been reduced from 370 km to 60 km Will be done.

Earlier this journey used to take 12 hours, now it will be only 4 hours. Those who board the ferry from Bhavnagar to Surat in the morning will be able to return by evening.

However, he has to keep in mind that the ferry that reaches Hazira in the afternoon or the ferry that reaches Ghogha from Hazira will return in just one hour.

When the ferry arrives at the port in the evening, it will make a night halt and return the next morning.

Ticket prices

Passenger (General, Executive, Lounge Class)Rs. 525 to 1500  
MotorcyclesRs. 350  
CarRs. 1200 to 1350  
EicherRs. 4000
BusRs. 5000
TruckRs. 7500 to 15000  

Terms and Conditions: Those who do not follow the rules will also be penalized

•          Booking: Booking will close one hour before the departure time of the ferry.

•          Boarding-check-in: The ferry will depart 30 minutes early. No tickets will be automatically canceled and refunded.

•          Half ticket: The half ticket is required for children from 2 to 12 years.

•          ID Proof: All passengers must have a photo ID. Smoking and tobacco consumption will be considered illegal in ferry or terminal premises and Rs. 2500 fine will be levied.

•          Safety: All passengers must wear a wrist band provided at the ticket counter throughout the journey. For not doing so, Rs. 500 will be fined.

Capacity: 500 passengers, more than 800 vehicles

•          500 passengers

•          500 cars

•          300 motorcycles

•          30 trucks

•          7 small trucks

•          Heavy vehicles will be able to go on the Raw Pax ferry along with passengers and cars.

There are also rules for refunds for ticket cancellations

  1. 90% refund 30 days before travel
  2. 80% refund within two to 30 days
  3. No refunds received the day before
  4. There will be three working days after the refund process.
  5. If the ferry service is cancelled, passengers will receive a refund from the operator.
  6. Late arrivals will not get any refund.

Benefits of the service: 9 thousand per day or 33 lakh litters of fuel per year will be saved.

  1. Reduction in road and railway traffic
  2. Reduce traffic jams and accidents
  3. 9 thousand liters per day i.e. 33 lakh liters of fuel per year will be saved, pollution will be reduced.
  4. 14,000 metric tons less crude will be imported every year.
  5. Reduction in carbon emissions by 24 metric tons per year
  6. Save time and enjoy sea travel.

Gujarat is working fast on infrastructure and capacity building related to sea trade: PM

Many people have worked hard to develop facilities like the Raw Pax ferry service in Gujarat. There were also many difficulties along the way. I thank all those comrades. I am grateful to all the engineers, all the workers for their courage to face the difficulty.

 In Gujarat, work is in full swing on infrastructure and capacity building related to sea trade. For example, many facilities like Gujarat Maritime Cluster, Gujarat Samudra Vishwa Vidyalaya, CNG terminal in Bhavnagar are being set up in Gujarat.

The government also wants to re-launch the Ghogha Dowry Ferry Service soon. The project is facing a nature challenge and modern technology is trying to overcome it.

The Ministry of Shipping has been renamed the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways.

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