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Mahabharata unknown facts

Mahabharata is one of the two significant Sanskrit stories of Hindu mythology. the other being the Ramayana. Mahabharata is considered as the stalwart that contains all the information about life. Mahabharata is an epic portrayal of the Kurukshetra. A war which was war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Mahabharata is a huge fortune place of considerable number of realities and information. and it isn’t workable for anybody to have a deep understanding of this blessed content.

some amazing facts of Mahabharata of which most of us are unaware are as under

1. The most youthful Pandav, Sahadev, could see what’s to come.

The most youthful Pandav, Sahadev, could see what’s to come. When asked by their father Pandu, to eat his dead body after his death, Sandev, the only Pandav to obey the cannibalistic order, ate one piece of his father’s body, which admitted him the ability to see the future.

2.Not all Kauravas were against the Pandavas

Not all Kaurava’s were against the Pandav’s Vikarna and Yuyutsa, the two brothers of Duryodhan, openly interrogate his steps from time to time.including during the Dyoot Sabha and Draupadi’s vastra haran. Bheem, who had promised to kill most Kaurava’s in a painful. manner gave a quick death to Vikarn and was heartbroken or sometime after it.

3. Vidur was considered the avatar of Yamraj.

Vidur was considered the avatar of Yamraj. In accordance with the Mahabharata, Vidura was the relative of the kings Dhritarashtra and Pandu Putra of Hastinapura. born the son of the sage Vyasa and Sudri, a women-in-waiting to the queens Ambika and Ambalika of the town.

4. Abhimanyu had a soul of a demon named Kalyavana.

Abhimanyu (the son of Arjuna) had a soul of a demon named Kalyavana. Krishna subsequent to consuming Kalyavana to death. had caught his spirit and took him to Dwaraka just to stuff him into the cupboard.
As indicated by Krishna, Abhimanyu was the nearness of an amazing evil presence named (Kalayvan). who was fit for killing him at a later point. Abhimanyu’s only imperfection was his partial knowledge of Chakrauyuha.
Subsequently, the Chakrauyuha was indeed starting to kill Abhimanyu. as this was the only way by which Abhimanyu could get Moksha. Therefore, lord shree krishna never grant the knowledge of “how to come out of Chakravyuha to Abhimanyu

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5. Karna was the main offender of Draupadi’s vastra haran

Karna was the main offender of Draupadi’s vastra haran The take-off clothes of Draupadi was begin by Karna. not Duryodhan. He has been remarkably quiet during the entire episode. except while asking Draupadi to come in court. Karna also instigated that Draupadi was a Vaishya.
6. Arjuna had other wives apart from Draupadi. Arjun’s pilgrimage for breaking out his martial law. with Draupadi obtain him three more wives. They were Chitrangada, Ulupi and Subhadra.

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7. Eklavya was Vasudeu Krishna’s cousin.

Eklavya was Vasudeu Krishna’s cousin. Relatively few people realize. that he was the child of Devashrava (sibling of Vasudeva) who got lost in the forest. and was found by a Nishada Hiran-yadhanu.
Ekalavya died protecting his father during Rukmini Swayamvar. He was killed by Krishna. For his big sacrifice of Gurudakshina. lord Shree Krishna blessed Ekalavya that he would be soon rebirth. and take revenge on Drona and That person was Dhristadyumna (who killed Drona).

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8. Arjuna had saved Duryodhan’s life.

Arjuna had saved Duryodhan’s life. Duryodhana had gone to Dwaita forest to humiliated the Pandu Putra. with all the servants from Indraprastha. There the Gandharaua Chitrasena and his apsaras were enjoying in the pond. Duryodhana asked Chitrasena to forsake the pool yet as he can’t, a warmed argument broke out between them.
Chitrasena attached Duryodhana. The Pandu Putra who were nearby asked Chitrasena to let Duryodhana alone. Chitrasena who was a companion of Arjuna saved Duryodhana yet not before binds him with vines and setting him on his horse. Duryodhana however embarrassed expressed gratitude toward Arjuna. and approached him what he needed for the turn he had done to him. Arjuna said that he would ask from Duryodhana later.

9. Gandhari attempted to Kunti After hearing the news that Duryodhana was lethally harmed.

Gandhari attempted to Kunti After hearing the news that Duryodhana was lethally harmed. Kunti, who consistently thought of the Kauravas as her own children, went to Gandhaari. She in a fit of anger, cursed Kunti and wanted to behead her. Anyway, she was unable to assemble the courage and stopped right before she could strike the blow.

10. Karna’s child was taken into tutelage by Arjuna

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Karna’s child was taken into tutelage by Arjuna after learning of Karna’s fact. the Pandavs, miserable in their grief, concluded. that the main way they could revise their wrongs was to provide. the most elevated request to Vrishaketu, the most youthful. and just enduring the child of Karna. He was given the seat of Anga (the realm of his dad) and of Indraprastha.

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