Nisha Rawal's big disclosure
Nisha Rawal's big disclosure

Nisha Rawal also admitted that she had also agreed to divorce, although she tried hard to save the relationship, Karan’s behavior had changed a lot for her. He has accused Karan of selling even wedding jewelry.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Mehra and Nisha Rawal whatever happened between Karan last night have now come out of the boundary wall of the house. This is very surprising news for the fans of this show and Naitik (Karan Mehra) as he has a very clean image among his fans.

Both the husband and wife had kept silence on the dispute between them till now, but now Nisha Rawal has come out in the open and she has made many serious allegations against Karan by presenting her side of the media.

Nisha Rawal's big disclosure
Nisha Rawal’s big disclosure

Karan accused of affair

Nisha Rawal, in a press conference, has told the real reason for this controversy, that is Karan’s extra-marital affair. If Nisha is to be believed, Karan has been cheating on her for a long time but only a few months ago she came to know about the truth.

 He read their messages and also claimed to have seen both of them together. However, she remained silent so that her husband’s image was not spoiled. But now the matter had reached the divorce. According to her, Karan had flatly refused to have a relationship with her.

Nisha agreed to divorce

Nisha Rawal also admitted that she too had agreed to divorce, although she tried hard to save the relationship but Karan’s behavior had changed a lot for her. He has also accused Karan of selling the wedding jewelry. And he was also running away from the responsibility of the child for a long time.

But now when he was no longer with them, he tried to talk to them, but Karan beat him up. In this press conference, Nisha Rawal also showed her earlier pictures when she was beaten up.

Describe The whole story of last night

In the press conference, Nisha also told about what happened last night. According to him, he tried to talk to Karan about the future of his relationship. Gradually, the debate started between the two. Meanwhile, when Karan got up and started leaving.

Nisha thought that maybe he was going to his room but according to Nisha, he came back and grabbed his head and hit it on the wall, which caused blood to come from his head but Karan did not stop and he tried to choke Nisha’s throat too. At that time everyone was present at his house. After which Nisha complained to the police.

He also responded to the allegations made by Karan

After this Karan and Nisha controversy came to the fore, Karan Mehra has also spoken about his wife Nisha Rawal battling with bipolar disorder, but Nisha rejected those allegations and kept her point.

She told that after losing her first child she was very depressed because during that time she was not even getting support of Karan. He was controlling them a lot. Due to which he had consulted the doctor.

Karan calls Nisha ‘Bipolar’

Earlier, while narrating his part story, Karan claimed that Nisha is ‘bipolar’, ‘aggressive’, and abusive. Last night he talked to his mother on the phone in the room. After this, she started shouting at him (Karan) and started abusing him.

Nisha hit her head on the wall

Karan further said, ‘When I asked Nisha to go out, she threatened me saying that now see what I do. Then he hit his head on the wall and told everyone that I (Karan) did it.


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