Nitish became Modi-Shah's favorite
Nitish became Modi-Shah's favorite

Nitish became Modi-Shah’s favorite after winning Bihar elections.

Nitish became Modi-Shah’s favorite after winning Bihar elections. 125 seats to NDA, 110 seats to Grand AllianceSee DETAILS about Bihar electionPatna, JNN. Bihar is out … again Nitish Kumar. After all, Bihar has once again given the opportunity to become the Chief Minister for the fourth consecutive time, by relying on JDU National President Nitish Kumar.
NDA has secured an absolute majority by securing 125 seats in the elections held in 243 seats of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. In the final declared results, BJP has 74 seats, JDU 43 seats, RJD 75 seats, Congress 19 seats. CPI Male has 12 seats and others 8.
With the latest election results, it has been decided to form Nitish Kumar’s government once again under the leadership of NDA. The results were declared after counting of votes for 15 hours the last day.
Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM won a total of 5 seats in this election, surprising everyone. Here, in the order of the declaration of election results, the delegation of Grand Alliance reached the Election Commission and complained about the vote counting.
RJD-Congress leaders said that their candidates were forcibly defeated even after victory.

Nitish will take oath as Chief Minister after Diwali

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar can take the oath of Chief Minister immediately after Diwali. It is likely that he will take the oath of Chief Minister from November 16 to 18.
He was last sworn in on 20 November. It is believed that the Chief Minister’s swearing-in ceremony will be held in Gandhi Maidan in public this time too.

Sushil Modi will be deputy chief minister again

There is a talk in the political corridor that this time also Sushil Kumar Modi will be the Deputy Chief Minister.
If this happens, the record of being the Deputy Chief Minister for the longest time will also be recorded in the name of Sushil Modi. He has also been looking after the work of the Finance Minister in Nitish Kumar’s government.

Many ministers of JDU and BJP quota may repeat.

There is a discussion that many old ministers will be in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet. Mithilanchal has played a big role in the victory of NDA. There is a possibility that BJP’s Vinod Narayan Jha and Sanjay Jha may again become part of the state cabinet.
Sugarcane Minister Bima Bharati, who won from Energy Minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav and Rupauli, is also considered to be in place. It is also certain that Maheshwar Hazari and Nandkishore Yadav will be ministers again.
Food supply minister Madan Sahni has also won. Narendra Narayan Yadav has also won from Kosi. It is certain that Shravan Kumar will get a place in the new cabinet.



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