Home News PM Modi to inaugurate submarine cable connectivity in Andaman and Nicobar Today

PM Modi to inaugurate submarine cable connectivity in Andaman and Nicobar Today

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate submarine cable connectivity in Andaman and Nicobar today on 10th August.

The BJP has presented the inauguration at the hands of the Prime Minister on 10th August of the Andaman and Nicobar islands as “digitally independent”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of this high-speed internet project 20 months ago and today he is going to inaugurate it. The BJP has presented the inauguration at the hands of the Prime Minister on 10th August of the Andaman and Nicobar islands as digitally independent.Interacting with BJP workers of the Union territory a day before the inauguration of the Cable Connectivity Facility (OFC) laid within the sea between Chennai and Port Blair, PM Modi said that this will improve the Internet facilities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on a large scale. He said there will be no problem now in connecting the region with the country and the world through digital means. He said the archipelago will play a major role in “Self-Reliant India”.

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Referring to the various steps taken by the Central Government for the development of the Union Territory, the Prime Minister also said that balanced development of the entire country is necessary for the creation of a new India and that is what his government is working on. Modi also said that the archipelago would play a major role in the development and security of self-reliant India and the new India and Balanced improvement of the whole nation is essential for building a new Bharat. We have ensured that the government may work from one place, but the benefits of its work should reach every nook and corner of the country. He said that the benefits of government programs should not only be a person standing in the last line of the society but also a person standing at the last end of the country. on other side We are assembly the very foremost requirement of the Poor like homes, cooking gas, consuming water, toilets, electricity, roads, rail connectivity, mobile, internet. On other side, mega and modern projects are also working fast & powerful.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Andaman and Nicobar Island is the group has given strength to India’s freedom movement for its self-reliant India, a comprehensive role for the defense and security, and prosperity of the new India. Comprehension this, the Islands Development Agency was established in 2017. In terms of the blue economy, Andaman and Nicobar are located at a strategic base in terms of trade. It is located at a very equal distance from several ports including Chennai Port, Kolkata Port, and Mongla Port in Bangladesh. He said that 12 islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been selected where high impact projects will be expanded.
The Prime Minister said that the Cable Connectivity Facility (OFC) between Chennai and Port Blair will improve mobile and landline telecom services in Andaman and Nicobar islands. He said that Internet connectivity will be highly improved. The problem of the network is discussed again and again and will also be solved. It will be possible for children to get the maximum benefit of online education facility. Tourism and other business associates will no longer have any problem in connecting with the country and the world. ”
It may be noted that the Prime Minister will inaugurate the project from Delhi through a video conference on Monday. The cable within the sea will also connect Port Blair, Little Andaman, Swaraj Deep (Havelock), Kamorta, Car Nicobar, Long Island, Great Nicobar, and Rangat.”These islands are also being connected by air to the rest of the nation by improving air connectivity from one island to another,” he stated Port Blair Airport is being expanded in a large way.
Modi said that work is going on on the 300 km national highway and it will not only make it easier to reach many parts of the island but also promote other activities. He said that many institutions of higher education have been set up for the youth of the region. He stated, To form the lifestyle of the archipelago simple & easy, whatever is essential to bring prosperity there, they are being completed at a fast pace. He appealed to the party workers to keep a comparative view of the earlier situation, the situation today, and the change that may occur among the people. He stated, As a party worker, you also have the duty to arrive out to each & every beneficiary of every project of the government.
Earlier, WELCOMING the Prime Minister, BJP president J. P. Nadda said that his presence in such events of the organization also gives new energy to the workers with encouragement. Elaborating on the service work done by the BJP during the Corona epidemic crisis, he said, “Because of your encouragement and guidance were given to the workers, we have managed to fight a major battle in the Corona period. He said that during the corona crisis, BJP workers have brought about 22 crores 18 lakh food packets to the needy. About 5 crore 40 lakh ration kits were distributed and about 7 crore face covers were distributed in remote areas.
Appreciating the Prime Minister’s efforts in fighting the epidemic, he said that earlier, where 1500 tests were conducted per day, the number has now reached five lakh. The BJP leader of Andaman and Nicobar, Vishal Jolly, gave details of the status of the Covid-19 infection and expressed apprehension that a large number of doctors and other health service personnel could be closed due to corona infected. He appreciated the measures taken by the Centre to prevent it. Other local leaders mentioned the relief work undertaken by the party during the epidemic. The Prime Minister appreciated the workers for this and said that it would give them new energy to work.

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