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Signal Vs Whatsapp: Signal beats Whatsapp to become a top free app on App store

Due to its new policy by WhatsApp, users are looking to switch to ‘Signal’. Signal Vs Whatsapp, Thus ‘Signal’ app became the top free app in India, surpassing WhatsApp on the App Store.

WhatsApp is an app that rules the hearts of millions of people all over the world, but due to its new policy, as many people like this app at the moment, more and more people are now condemning WhatsApp. Signal ‘(Signal) app got the benefit of this. Because now ‘Signal’ (Signal) app was seen making its place in everyone’s hearts and mobiles.

Signal Vs WhatsApp App In India:

Until a few days ago there used to be a lot of users using WhatsApp in India. But with the introduction of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, the Signal messaging app is being fiercely downloaded. In such a situation, th e Signal app has now become the top free app on the Apple App Store, leaving behind WhatsApp. The Signal app has overtaken WhatsApp in India, Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong, and Switzerland and has achieved top positions. Apart from this, Signal has also become the top free app in Google Play Store in Germany and Hungary.

At one time, the OTP verification of the Signal app was delayed due to the huge crowd of in-app downloading. In the past two days, the Signal app has been downloaded by more than 100,000 people across Android and iOS devices, reports Sensor Tower data reported in the news agency Reuters. Also in the first week of 2021, new installations of WhatsApp have fallen by 11 percent. 

Signal Vs WhatsApp
Signal Vs WhatsApp

Signal becomes top free App:

In fact, as soon as WhatsApp introduced its new policy, now WhatsApp users are switching to another such type of app ‘Signal’, and creating their account. Let us know, the ‘Signal’ app is the exact app of WhatsApp. This is the reason, millions of WhatsApp users came on the Signal app in a jolt and thus ‘Signal’ app became the top free app in India by beating WhatsApp on Apple’s App Store. Let us tell you, recently electric vehicle manufacturer of Tesla CEO  Elon Musk, also advised his followers to use the Signal app.   

Feature of Signal App:

•          The best feature of the Signal app is that it will not be difficult for a user who has used WhatsApp or Messenger before.

•          Talking about privacy, it is considered one of the safest apps in the world.

•          As soon as you create an account, you can start chatting on it.

•          You can also make audio-video calling through this app.

•          On the Signal app, like the WhatsApp, the entire bean emoji has been given.

•          In this also, you can share all kinds of data with each other.

How to use:

•          To use this app, only a few steps have to be followed.

•          Screen Lock has a feature in the Signal app. That is, a PIN or biometric lock will be required to use this app.

•          To enable this feature, go to Settings, then go to Privacy and turn on Screen Lock.

Some Tips related to Signal app:

•          Like Telegram, notifications will be started in this app by going to settings and turning on notifications.

•          In this app, the ‘Automatic Face Blur Tool’ has been given to edit photos. For this, tap on the + sign, tap on the picture you want to send, then tap the Blur button. You can draw the part you want to blur.

•          It also has the feature of message dispensing. Messages sent with the help of this feature disappear after a time.

•          With one of its features, you can also set whether you have sent two photos or videos that can be viewed only once and then deleted. Let me tell you, it is slightly different from the Disappearing Message feature. To use it, tap on the + sign, tap on the picture you want to send. Now tap on the infinity icon (∞) at the bottom left.

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