Suicidal Thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among adults worldwide. Approx. 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year out of these 17% are residents of India.
Suicide was the most common reason of death in each stage of groups 15 to 29 years & 15 to 39 years. According to the WHO, every year, almost 1 million people died from suicide and Twenty Times more people attempt suicide death.

What are suicidal Ideations?

It means reasoning about and planning a suicide death attempt. Having suicidal Ideations does not mean a person will carry out the act. The CDC also states: Men are 4 times more likely to end their life. While Females more often have suicidal ideations.

1. Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Serious medical conditions may cause people to
think about suicide. Depending on the severity of the sicknesshumans will consider suicide as a way to cope with the intellectual and bodily anguish.
They’re going via at instanceshuman beings can come to agree with that suicide is a fantastic way to deal with long-term deterioration.

2 Mood Disorders

Disorders such as major depression bipolar the stamina and seasonal affective disorder can contribute to suicidal thoughts.
The dangers during a Mood Disorder happens when people are coming out of deep depressionBecause they have more energy to carry out their thoughts.
3 Psychiatric Disorders
Psychiatric Disorders like schizophrenia come accompanied with
Hallucinations. The hallucinations may direct individuals to commit suicide death.
Schizophrenia among other psychotic disorders has high rates of suicide ideation because those who struggle can lose touch with reality not knowing what’s real versus what’s not.

4 Impulse Control Disorders

Impulse Control Disorders few people can be more impulsive than others. Those that tend to not focus on the consequences of their actions. They are reward-based driven meaning they’re more willing to participate in dangerous behaviors such as suicide.

5 Abuse and Trauma

Abuse and Trauma are sexual physical and emotional abuse increases suicidal attempts by two and a half to three times. Abuse has long-term consequences on an individual’s life-controlling on the frequency and severity of the abuse, the individuals will in some cases think about suicide as a way to cope with their pain. In many cases, this is the symptom of Post-traumatic stress disorder.

6 Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence survivors and victims think about suicide as an escape from their terrifying situations. When a person is dipped in a violent relationship. They often believe suicide is their best or only option because they fear that their abusive partner will find them and hurt them or kill them.
Themselves and unique but not uncommon cases the fear of not having support employment or education to survive on their own adds to this feeling of hopelessness.

7 Access to Weapons

Firearms can increase suicidal ideations. and attempts in people who are struggling with mental or physical illnessesor substance abuse or difficult situations in general. The reason for this is sad because people know that the use of firearms will highly increase their chances of success.

8 Stigma

Stigma unfortunately nowadays, The stigma that surrounds mental illness and suicide causesPeople do not seek out help the longer individuals go without receiving help the higher the chances their suicidal ideations and attempts will increases.

9 Family History of Suicide

Family history of suicide kids & teenagers learns through inspection and modeling. If they’ve been exposed to family members or close friends who have attempted or died from suicide.This can increase suicidal ideation because they indirectly believe it’s an accepted way to cope with their problems.

10 Relationship Problems

Relationship problems in a relationship or the ending of one come
accompanied with emotional and mental anguish. People who deal with uncertainty in their relationships come to be overwhelmed emotions of abandonment,worthlessness. and can also make a contribution to suicidal ideas this generally happens in the person. Who is being broken up with the person who does the breakup in most cases. this has already gone through the grieving process.

11 Bullying

According to the CDC, about 4,400 humans commit suicide per 12 months due to bullying. This contributes to emotions of unworthiness low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. In extreme cases, those who are being bullied can come to trust suicide is the solely way out of their torment.

12 Difficult Life Events

Stressful or traumatic life events can have and often do have lasting effects on people. These can vary from natural to man-made failures to being recognized with a terminal illness.

13 Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s guilt occurs when people survive life-threatening events. While watching others die this makes them feel guilty and in many cases it’s
difficult for them to forgive themselves and suicidal thoughts may occur an increase as time passes.

14 Poverty

Poverty is low-income families are at high risk of suicide this is due to not having access to resources. Many individuals don’t have food income or housing security. this comes accompanied with stress and depression. When you don’t have your basic needs it is very difficult to think straight. So many who are struggling with these issues believe that suicide is the only way to solve their problems.

15 Past Suicide

Past Suicide attempts those who have attempted suicide are at higher risk teens. who have prior attempts are three times more likely to try again within a year.

16 Prescription Drugs

Did you know Prescription Drugs can cause suicidal ideations and even depression this isn’t to scare you off the right Meditation. and Dosage could help you feel better but at times mixing different meditations can worsen suicidal thoughts.
It’s important to monitor yourself along with the help of a doctor. to prevent these symptoms to conclude it’s important to remember those suicidal thoughts are symptoms of underlying issues. and they can be treated you can get help.
Suicide is no longer the solely way out and you’re no longer by myself in this day and age it is all too frequent for humans to suppose about suicidal ideas however
with assist and assist we can and we will locate our mild again.


None of these points mentioned are direct causes, but rather there could be an indirect relationship between them. Just like most psychology research, findings are correlational at best. If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts, it’s best to consult professional help.


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