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The Successful Story of PUBG

As we have known, PUBG becomes one of the favorite games of every IOS and Android gamer. This game won the heart of Game Lovers in just a few months. And this is the reason why its popularity is at the peak and millions of people all over the world like to play it on different platforms.

What’s the Full Form of PUBG?

The abbreviation of PUBG: Player’s unknown battleground.

The Successful Story of PUBG; sucess story of pubg;
The Successful Story of PUBG

Success Story behind PUBG

Brendan Greene is the creator of the game was known as Player Unknown on the online platform. He was from Ireland but brought up in Brazil, his first occupation was photography, web designing, and graphic designing, & playing games was his hobby. Some of the games like DELTA FORCE: BLACK HAWK DOWN & AMERICA’S ARMY.

But one day Brendan Greene was impressed by playing (dayz) and thought to make his career in the gaming industry. He also learned a lot from a Japanese movie (Battle Royale). After that, he learned programming. And by exploring a lot of games, He found flaws in them and also ways to improve them.

He wanted to establish a game where the player would never get bored and would always enjoy the game, every time he or she played. Due to his unique thinking, the SEO(Sony Online Entertainment) company hired him as a consultant for the development of (H1Z1) Game in his company. But after all the work on this game was done, Brendan gave Regain from the company.

 The second phase of Brendan’s life was that he was found by Chang han king as he wanted to develop battleground type of game. Mr. Chang was the owner of Ginno Games Which is currently known as bluehole games. The owner set a meeting with Brendan so that they both can create a world-famous battel game.

After the meeting, they finalized to build PUBG.  They soon started the project and started to work upon it, and also finalized to have a deadline within a year. First, 35 developers were placed in this work. But as the need grew, team members increased up to 70.

PUBG is a Battleground game in which players land in Iceland and the one who survives to the last gets a Chicken Dinner. There are many ways in this game that we can play in different ways. For example, solo, Duo, or create Our own squad. Apart from Iceland, there are many more maps inside it like Livik, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi. Apart from this, it includes Arcade Mode, Evoground Mode, Arena Mode. The up-gradation in the game brings more addiction as well as craziness for the players.

And in March 2017, the beta version of this game was launched. After which the players liked it a lot, even after rectifying some more mistakes, the launch was given to everyone on 20, December 2017. And in Feb 2018 Android and IOS were also launched. Now we enjoy this game from mobile too.  And after the launch, the game was so liked that within a few months it was included in the list of the most played games in the world.

It was also added to the list of (one of the bestselling of all-time games). Pubg Mobile became the most popular online game in India in January 2020, with India becoming the world’s largest market by January 2020, accounting for 21% of the 555 million Pubg Mobile players worldwide with 116 million downloads.

PUBG was able to crack all the records in gaming history. This is still continuing, and there are the results.

PUBG Achievements

The Achievements were:

  • PC game of the year
  • Best multiplayer game
  • Action game of the year
  • esports game of the year
  • Trending game of the year and many more.

PUBG: Player’s Unknown’s Battel Ground

Developer: Pubg Corporation

Publisher: Pubg Corporation

Director: Brendan Greene, JangTaeSeok

Producer: Kim Chang Han

Designer: Bredan Greene

Artist: JangTaeSeok

Composer: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Microsoft Window, Android, Ios, XboxOne, Playstation 4, Stadia.

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