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Top 8 Things You Never Search on Google

Never search on google

In today’s time, almost all people use Google to search for anything. If you also search on Google, then this news is for you. There are some things you never search on Google. You may even have to go to jail. Let’s know which 8 things you never search on Google.

Never search on Google about Bomb Making Method

Do not forget the search engine on Google, the search bomb-making method, or anything related to it. By doing this you may have to go to jail. Let me tell you that as soon as you search for such a thing on Google, the company will send your IP address directly to the security agencies. After that, it is possible that the security agencies can take action against you.

Never search on google

Never search on Google about Medicines

If your health is bad and you want to find out which disease you are infected with on the basis of symptoms through Google. Also, if you are searching for medicines on Google to recover from that disease, do not do so. Taking the wrong medicines can worsen your health. So whenever your health is bad, go to the doctor immediately.

Never search on google

Never search on Google Private Email

Remember to avoid searching your personal email login on Google, there is a problem of your account being hacked and password leaking. After which, through your email ID you can also get caught in a scam.

Never search on google

Never search on Google Customer Care Number

We are using any product and in case of any problem in it, we think to call customer care directly. Many times we do not know the customer care number of a company, in such a situation, we resort to Google, but do you know that searching any customer care number on Google can prove to be harmful.

Let us tell you that hackers who promote cybercrime float the fake or fake helpline number of any company in Google Search. In such a situation, when you call that number, your number reaches the hackers. After which the hackers can call you on your number to carry out cybercrime, including incidents like SIM swap.

Never search on google

Never search on Google Mobile App or Software

We often download phishing or fake apps and software through Google search, which can harm our device. In this case, you can download an app from Google Play Store or App Store itself. Not only this, download any software from the company’s official website.

Never search on google

Never search on Google Child sexual abuse

If you search any porn children’s image or videos on the search engine Google, then you can get into trouble, even you may have to face jail, because doing so is against Indian Penal Code (IPC) and international rules. Along with this, if you discuss or share any wrong videos or literature openly, then you can be sued.

Never search on google

Never search on Google About your weaknesses or troubles

If there is depression, the doctor can help, not Google, if you are fat then do not exercise. The eyebrows are small, the lips are thin, the color is black. If you google any such security, then its scope is very high that you can start seeing ads related to that security on your screen. Think for yourself what feels bad if the same thing comes up again and again, how will it feel.

Never search on google

Apart from all this, you should avoid searching for anything suspicious. Because cyber cell keeps an eye on people who search for suspicious things. That’s why think before you search for anything. Usually, such search keywords are placed in a search engine sensitive category like Google i.e. the information of the person searching these words is immediately shared with the intelligence agencies after which action starts.



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