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Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

Investors were all prepared for 2020 as some major Upcoming IPOs.

Upcoming IPOs In India 2020,The upcoming IPOs this list will contain the companies who have either drafted their prospectors with SEBI or have been approved by it.

Burger King is First on Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

Burger king IPO 2020
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First on this list is Burger King
Burger King to raise Rs 542 crore, paper deposited with SEBI for IPO

(i) Plan to raise funds through IPOs

According to the file draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) with SEBI, the company has planned to raise a fund of Rs 542 crore by issuing new shares under the IPO. The company’s promoter QSR would sell 6 crore shares through Asia’s offer of sale. The company will spend fresh issue funds for Burger King restaurants and general corporate purposes.
The lead manager of this IPO includes Kotak Mahindra Capital, Advisors Financial Services, JM Financial, and CLSA India. The company’s share will be listed in BSE and NSE.

(ii) Company Business in India

According to the company, there are a total of 261 restaurants in Burger India in India till September 2020. It also includes 8 sub-franchised Burger King which are in 17 states and union territories and 57 cities in India. Burger King India is one of the fastest-growing International Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in India during the first five years of operation in terms of the number of restaurants.

(iii) Had previously also applied for IPOs

Earlier in November 2019, the company had filed a draft with SEBI for IPOs. The company then talked about raising Rs. 400 crores through public issues. QSR Asia had issued 6 crore equity shares for an offer for sale. SEBI has given time till 31st March for documents in case of increasing or reducing the issue size to 50% to the company.

NCDEX is 2nd on Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

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Second is NCDEX stands for national commodity and derivatives exchange limited. It is a commodity exchange that mainly trades in agricultural products like caster seeds cumin-coriander etc.
It finds its expertise in post-harvest agricultural products as well as a good supply chain by getting listed the firms expects to enhance its brand name.
Some significant investors of NCDEX include the national stock exchange, the national bank for agricultural and rural development, Indian farmer’s fertilizer cooperative limited.
If we talk about the financials then as of September 2019 the revenue registered by NCDEX stands around 92.60 Crores and profit after tax was nearly 7.34 Crores. The IPO size will be approximately 500 Crores.

Kalyan Jewellers is 3rd on Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

Kalyan Jewellers
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Third is Jewellery giant Kalyan Jewellers as known to all Kalyan jewellers is one of the leading jewellery firms operating in India founded by Mr. TS Kalyan Raman in 1993 the journey began with just a single store in Kerala but now has a presence in several cities with 107 stores.
The company is known for selling and designing a wide range of jewellers for various occasions let us look at their financials for march 2020 about 75 percent of their revenue comes from the sale of gold ornaments about 23 percent comes from the sale of studded jewellery and finally about two percent from the sale of other ornaments

Bajaj Energy is 4th on Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

Fourth is Bajaj Energy a private sector firm that is known for Thermal Generation Bajaj energy is expected to come up with its IPO soon.
The IPO size will be around 5450 crores the firm plans to issue fresh equity shares worth 5150 crores approximately and offer for sale of up to 300 crores.
If we look at the financials of the firms then its total revenue, as well as profit after tax as per the fiscal year 2018-19, stood at around 722 crores and 4.75 crores respectively

Life Insurance Corporation of India is also on Upcoming IPOs In India 2020

Fifth in this list is the life insurance cooperation of India yes folks one of the most popular insurers in India. LIC which is one of the largest institutional investors is all set to come up with its IPO
It leads the life insurance industry in terms of policies sold and premium collected the government has decided to sell a portion of its holding in LIC through an initial public offering
In the insurance industry according to the premium sold LIC holds 70.52 market share as of December 2019. Between April to December in 2019 LIC ended up collecting fresh premiums worth 1.37 lakh crores posting year-on-year growth of around 45.

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