BENGAL Election; Bengal assembly elections,, Bengal polls, Bengal Election Opinion Poll,;
BENGAL Election; Bengal assembly elections,, Bengal polls, Bengal Election Opinion Poll,;

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In this Bengal election of 2021, many agendas have come up in front of the public, from food to price to threats. Mr. Prime minister (BJP) wants people to see the fact about DIDI’s (TMC) sine. Where State Government is trying to show the people what she was been doing, for Bengal people within her ruling tenure.

BENGAL Election; Bengal assembly elections,, Bengal polls, Bengal Election Opinion Poll,;

For West Bengal, riots, as well as threats and rape cases, have been one of the most allegate topics of this Bengal election. Furtherly, it is been accused that TMC is more supportive to Muslims and is been working according, which is consider as the spiciest topic of the Bengal election 2021. On the other hand, Manifesto says that Mamata Didi would provide not only Rs.500-1000  to SC/ST but also would create jobs around 5 lakh in a year and so on.

Well talking about BJP, they have face downfall in the last election while competing with Mamata Didi. They have focused on the loo poles where TMC was not able to gain the pupil’s confidence. They have come up with the manifesto, which includes many good deeds for the local crowd, They have promised to pay farmers the amount which TMC did not provide, the irony is that the amount belongs to farmers.

In addition to it, Amit Shah has also announced citizenship and has promised at some time to provide maximum benefits to local people and would take action against, the people who have illegally entered within INDIA. Continuing it, the saffron party has also mentioned that they would create 50lakh jobs and would try to build Bengal one of the easiest business-oriented states.


It is been seen that in this cut thought fight of Bengal election, BJP and TMC are the only parties that are capable to win the seat. And is also seen that, other parties including congress would just play a role for parties that would only break the vote shares so that they could grab the opportunity of merging, so could stay in the field and continue to rule. But this time Amit Shah, as well as Mr.Modi, is been seen heavily active in the elections, as they have conducted many campaigns, which may impact the voter’s mind.

Well, there are numerous political parties ready to jump in the election, like RSP, CPI(M), MFB, AIMIM, and many more. In this Election, the Current State Government is being alline with GJM (Gorkha JanmuktiMorcha) and Bhartiya Janta Party had been alline with

All Jharkhand Students Union. It is also been seen that the AIMIM party is taking interest in the election, first of all, they came up with the merger then decided to fight individually. Mat be it could be just the game to divide the seats, to get benefits.


      There have been several predictions among tv channels and many others, but it’s hard to judge that who would grab the seat. And at the same time, it is been predicted by almost every survey. There are around 294 seats, which is been segmented within phases. The voting phase would take place from 27th March,2021and which will continue to 1st,6th,10th,17th,22nd,26th, and 29th of April,2021.


The major party BJP and TMC are playing their games to grab the attention of voters to win. While BJP is justifying their work in various states in INDIA, and showing the bigger picture of development, on the other hand, TMC is playing the emotional cards of being injured (Mamata Didi) and also proving themselves better than the opposition. Both have come up with their manifesto and promising various things, now it’s interesting to see who gets the thrown of Bengal and rule and how many promises are been fulfilled.


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