Celebrating Father’s Day
Father’s Day

We share a few thoughts about “Why Dads matter not just on Father’s Day” but every day of the year this is especially true right now during this unprecedented time of global pandemic and economic crisis your role as a father is more important than ever. Fathers make a unique and irreplaceable contribution in the lives of their children this is not just a good idea embracing the father’s significance in the lines of young people is something all of society can benefit from. Here are three of many reasons I believe that is true:

  1. Fatherhood is part of the creator’s original plan for the family. Father and Mother partnering together for life to raise their children in a loving peaceful safe and secure environment.
  • Underlying many of society’s most pressing challenges today is the lack of loving consistent and deep involvement by fathers in their children’s lives studies prove this to be true.
  • The role of the father is distinctly different from that of the mother but is also important to children’s well-being. Research has proven these things to be fact.

For instance Fathers matter before his child is born:

Did you know that father involvement increases the likelihood that a mother will receive prenatal care in her first trimester by 40% and reduces a pregnant woman’s cigarette consumption by 36%.

 Father’s matter after the birth of his child: Children with on hand fathers by that I mean fathers who are involved set reasonable household rules monitor TV and internet use, etc are much less likely to use drugs than children with hands-off or absent fathers and listen to this even in high-crime inner-city neighborhoods well over 90% of children from safe stable two-parent homes do not become Criminal.  

When Dad is not there children Suffer:

The lack of mature and responsible fathers and the lives of children have terrible consequences for children’s families and communities simply put when dad is not there children suffer. Because you are there for your children or are striving to be more present for your kids they are much better off and soul is society as a whole. The research shows father absence accounts for 90% of all homeless and runaway children. If we want fewer homeless kids we need more present dad’s 63% of youth suicides are children without a father loving nurturance that is incredibly shocking. We’re talking life and death of kids, 71% of high school dropouts which leads to more of the following, 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions are from homes where fathers are not present and deeply involved with their children’s parenting which contributes to 85% of all youths in prison being from fatherless homes, so you see kids need fathers who are present and engaged in the lives of their children. The whole community benefits thank you for being their dads you are making an incredible difference dads matter even when he doesn’t live in the same house with his kids he can and should be present and involved as a parent. Mothers play a vital role in facilitating this she can open the door to the non-resident father school parenting or she can close it is the kids who pay the awful price when the door is shut to dad even when he lives away from his children fathers can have a close enduring relationship with his kids. That is takes a serious commitment but it is being done.

Here are some of the benefits Non-residential Fathers Children will likely have better outcomes in many areas of life including:

  • Academic success when Dad is engaged in their schooling healthier
  •  Self-esteem compared to children without their dad’s nurturance.
  • They will likely have more Empathy and be better behaved and
  •  They are more likely to Avoid high-risk behaviors such as drug use truancy, criminal activity and so on even though he lived in a different house. Your importance in your child simply cannot be overstated for an understanding of the creator’s original design for families.

Let’s take a look at What the Word of God says about Fathers All scripture cited are taken from the Living Bible unless noted. A Father gives compassion to his children Psalms 103:13 records this about the father. He is like a father to us tinder and sympathetic to those who revere him. A father issues correction to his child proverbs 3:11- 12 gives this advice to the young man do not resent it when God chastens and corrects you for his punishment is evidence of his love just as a father punishes a son he delights in to make him better.  The Lord corrects you a father shares instruction with his children proverbs 4:1 young men listened to me as you would to your father listened and were wise for I speak the truth don’t turn away a father nurtures his children Ephesians 6:4 and our word to you parents don’t keep on scolding and nagging your children making them angry and resentful rather bring them up with a loving discipline the father himself approves with suggestions and godly advice. A father’s loving male nurturance is as essential as a mother’s nurseries a father is to be honored by his children and community to his ancient chosen people God commanded in Exodus 20:12 honor your father and mother that you may have a long good life and land the Lord your God will give you a father is to provide for the family the Lord Jesus Christ asked in Luke 11:11 you men who are fathers if your boy asks for bread do you give him a stone. If he asks for a fish do you give him a snake it is a given that fathers are providers and not only providers of what money can buy, a father provides comfort takes charge and gives directions 1st Thessalonians 2:11 shows the fatherly influence of the apostles? We talk to you as a father to his own children don’t you remember pleading with you, encouraging you, and even demanding. A fatherless culture is cursed the New Living Translation records this warning from Malachi in chapter 4:6 speaking of the prophet Elijah his preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their kids and the hearts of children to their fathers. otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse the same was said hundreds of years later about John the Baptizer. in closing, there can be no serious debate about it fathers are indispensable in the lives of their children.


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