Winter Makeup Tips Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Best Makeup Tips for Winter
Best Makeup Tips for Winter

Winter Makeup|Winter Makeup Tips | Beauty Tips

The Winter season is in its full flow, so the Best Winter Makeup Tips for Winter the skin needs special attention.

Winter Makeup Tips| Beauty Tips| Best Makeup Tips for Winter

Especially when you have to do makeup to go to a party or wedding. Because then the skin is very sensitive and if the makeup is not done properly, then the skin may turn dry, red with pimples.

Makeup should also be done according to the weather so that the skin is not spoiled. This applies to a large extent in the winter season. Many women do not like the winter season because it becomes very difficult to take care of skin during this season. The skin demands more attention this winter season.

If you want to go to a wedding in winter and you have done heavy makeup then more attention is needed because the oily glands under the upper layer of the skin become inactive in the winter season.
In such a situation, cold and cold winds make the skin dry. Therefore, your makeup also needs to change.

Winter Makeup Tips

How should be your winter makeup, some tips show:


If the skin is not taken properly, the skin becomes rough, rough, in which case the makeup will not blend properly. So do skin cleansing, exfoliating, scrubbing continuously.

Apply sunscreen lotion-

It is necessary to apply sunscreen lotion in winters except during summer days as sunburn occurs in winters as well. Due to the risk of getting skin cancer increases. Do use it while going out.

Choose the right shades –

For winter makeup, it is better to choose color-rich and neutral shades like light brown, gray-pink. Bold color is a better option for the night and for the natural day. Avoid heavy makeup especially in the office.


If you have acne or have dry skin in winter season, apply a light foundation with a cream. In addition to a light, matte and shiny foundation, tinted powder with light shimmer gives a good look in winter. Also, keep your moisturizer or foundation with sun protection.

Lip makeup –

It is very important to retain moisture to keep lips from getting dry and cracked in winter season. So keep water-based lip gloss, balm all day. Get moisturizing lip treatment whenever you have time. The thing is that lipstick shades of red, brown, bright pink, berry, plum color are more popular.

Try applying neutral lips and neutral makeup this season. When using red lipstick, keep the eye makeup light. A combination of brown eyeliner, light brown shadow, and black mascara would look good on everyone with red lipstick.

Sheer red on fair skin and bold colored lipstick on dark skin gives a good look. If you want then you can have fun at the party by wearing a black dress on it. Tinted lip balm can also apply honey, blackberry, and red tones.

Eye makeup-

If you want to make any part of your face attractive this winter season, then emphasize the make-up of the eyes. Avoid pastel colors and use thick colors. By applying navy, plums, hunter green, brown in thick colored liners, it can give an adventurous look to the eyes.

These days Smokey Eye Look suits a lot. Purple can be used for eyes because it fits on all skin types and tones. Apply black eyeliner to give the eyes a darker look. You can mix different colors to match your outfits.

Eyeshadow has golden, chocolate brown, bronzes, thick red, maroon, yellow, berry, gray to give it a smokey look. Especially when you want to go to a party, put navy colored mascara.

Also, applying chocolate brown charcoal liner on upper lashes can enhance the beauty of your eyes. Use sheen on the eyes for a change, especially when you are applying nude shades on the lips.


Often, women are reluctant to get eyebrows shaved due to laziness during cold days, but without keeping the eyebrows in shape, makeup will look incomplete. Keep in mind that it is not a trend to have very thin eyebrows.

Nails –

Apply pink, dark orange, blackberry, copper, and rust color nail polish on the nails as it is perfect for this season.

How to use products

In such weather, always use oil-based or water-based makeup products only. Avoid using powder, matte, and oil-free makeup products in such weather. This will make the skin look more dry.
Do not forget to use face powder even on the face, it will give skin and dryness.

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