The big story that is coming in there’s been a fire at the Crawford Market In Mumbai.

There are, no injuries have been reported so far,

That’s the picture the beginning from the Crawford market area off Mumbai, where a fire is being reported, the major fire they’ve been reported after Crawford market firefighting operations, we’re given to understand all currently underway.

The visuals of the Crawford market fight on screen at the moment.

There has been a fire at the Crawford market and this is something that perhaps is quite until as to how the fire started. Now, Crawford market again has been opening one side at a day in the staggered reopening of Mumbai, but probably not going to go to remember one of the iconic markets of Mumbai. It’s right, bang, opposite to that Mumbai police headquarters, and also it was few years ago restored by well-known conservation, architect, in Mumbai, and it is one of those iconic places in Mumbai, so obviously the fire. It seems to be quite big there from the visuals and the Mumbai fire brigade has also

their preliminary information suggests that the incident was reported around at six sixteen in the evening and the fire brigade and Other staff are involved in putting out the fire at this point of time.


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