Russia announces world’s first COVID- 19 vaccines
Russia announces world’s first COVID- 19 vaccines

Russian president Vladimir Putin says his daughter get vaccinated

Putin says his daughter get vaccinated

Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the vaccine for the country’s first coronavirus vaccine has been approved by the health ministry.
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the vaccine for the world’s first coronavirus vaccine produced in the country has received the approval of the health ministry.
Putin said that the vaccine has already been vaccinated by his daughter. However, he did not clarify whether he had taken the vaccine.
He explains that my daughter is feeling fine and great. He also took hissa throughout the test. After the announcement, Russia has become the first country to have claimed to have completed the vaccine. Russia has a plan that the vaccine will be first given to health workers, followed by the elderly.
Moscow has also called for a variety of countries to be supplied with vaccines. Russia says it may start mass production of its corona vaccine from September.

According to RT

The vaccine has been developed by the Gamleya Institute in Moscow. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also expressed many doubts about the human trial of the vaccine in just 2 months. Russia’s health minister has already announced the introduction of mass vaccination from October.
Let’s say that no country has succeeded in making a vaccine so far.

Scientists who created the vaccine themselves have also taken this vaccine

The Gamleya Research Institute in Moscow has developed this vaccine by basing adenovirus. Researchers claim that the parts used in the vaccine cannot copy themselves.
According to the information received, many people involved in research and manufacturing have given themselves a dose of this vaccine.
Some people may have a fever when given vaccine doses, for which paracetamol is recommended. However, many big farm companies have come out against the Russian haste.
In a letter to Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, the Association of Clinical Trials Organisation said that less than 100 people have been given doses so far, so it can be dangerous to use it on a large scale.

Russia’s news agency AFP tweeted and informed about the matter.

The vaccine has been launched by the Gamela Institute of Moscow. On Tuesday, Russia’s health ministry termed the vaccine as a success, and with this Vladimir Putin claimed that the production of the vaccine would be started soon in Russia and a large number of vaccine would be made.
Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashto has said that this month, health workers may start giving vaccines. The first front line health workers in Russia will be vaccinated with corona. This time, senior citizens will be given a vaccine.
At present limited vaccine dose have been prepared. If the regulatory approval has been received, the industrial production of this vaccine may start from September. Russia has said that it can start vaccinating across the country from October.
According to the Russian agency TASS, the vaccine will be available in Russia’ free of cost ‘. The cost will be met from the budget of the country. The price for the rest of the countries has not yet been disclosed.

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